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Updating my Fallout wardrobe: Part 1!

A decade ago I started stenciling my own baby tees and crop tops because NONE of these companies that make Fallout merch wanna do it. I thought they were going in a good direction for a while with all the Fallout 4 merch releases like tailored hoodies, dresses, and women's cut t-shirts buuut... we're now back to unflattering, boxy t-shirts and hoodies for everyone. They don't even at least offer extra-small sizes anymore. Yay. 👍 So I'm back to stenciling my own shit again, as it was time to update anyways.


First up is bringing a few 'retired' tops out as a placement and stencil size reference for new shit, for example I can't remember how far down to place the stencils on tops with a regular crew neck 😅 and it's approximately 2" based on the Nuka-Cola and Reilly's Rangers shirts, and 1" for the Brotherhood of Steel crop top as it has a high neckline. I also looked at regular graphic t-shirts I own as a reference as well to see how high and wide to make the stencils, as well, you don't want the design sitting too high OR low on the chest, or too wide going across (unless of course, that IS the look you're going for).

I think I've had these tops in storage since we adopted Yoru (August 2022), so she was pretty happy to come over and claim something 'new' 😅 maybe I need to higher her as my Quality Assurance? I'm sure she'd happily work for treats~ reminder to swipe or tap through to view all photos, I love my little baby! 🥰🖤

Here's an oldie but goodie, from August 2016 with the Brotherhood of Steel crop shown above, also because this was easy to find in my archives LOL if you remember the yellow walls you quality for a veteran's discount 🤪💯


I think I'll jump straight into before and after type photos for Part 2, showing the blank tops with the stenciled tops side by side. Updated stenciling tutorial to follow!

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