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Artist Alley Haul at Anime LA 2024 (Day 2)

I wasn't sure if I'd have enough time on this day (Friday) of the con with more people coming in, luckily I was able to walk around no problem and even found some artists I completely missed the day before!! I do remember there being some empty tables, so maybe that's it? 🤔 This does have a few things I picked up on Day 3 (Saturday) after the Fallout gathering, so it'll be noted if so! Here's the corresponding Instagram post if you'd like to see it all in one spot! Tap the arrows to view all photos, and you can tap to view in full resolution ✌


Exhibit A: Disco Elysium 🕺✨ uhh HOW did I miss this?! Naturally, I had to get 1 of each button and charm, and 2 sets of stickers so my partner and I aren't fighting over it LMAO this is all by elistensial.crisis btw!

I made it back to asheissketchy's table because I really wanted that $5 Anya (Spy x Family) art card they posted on their Instagram haha, and I also picked up a lovely Sypha (Netflix Castlevania) acrylic charm, look at how gorgeous that is!! ✨😍 I should have picked up the trio when I was at the con oops, no worries I ended up buying them earlier this week lmao

I somehow missed this adorable little Emil (Nier) charm at jessiehannahart's table?! You can always find plenty of fan merch for Nier: Automata, but it's near impossible to find anything for Nier: Replicant/Gestalt or even Drakengard 😢💔 so I'm glad I found this one of my baby boy, that's also Emil approved!

Mewchao's table was my last stop in the Artist Alley, as I started on the other end of the AA this time! The big purchase was made the day before so I picked up some small stickers, I love the 'socially anxious' one because that is definitely my cat Emil, haha. It was also nice to chat with them for a few again as they weren't slammed or anything.

I was also kinda surprised at the lack of Monster Hunter merch? Luckily, I spotted KinoKreations' booth in the Dealer's Hall 🙏 I had to get the Nargacuga peeker for my car, and the Nargacuga with a gun sticker (LOL), and of course the shimapan air freshener because of my online namesake, shiimapan. I also had to show them some photos of Yoru, who we nicknamed Nargacuga because of her ears haha, if I have a chance to show off photos of my cats... I'll fucking do it okay!!

I finally made it out and was heading back to my hotel room, when I spotted a Loid (Spy x Family) cosplayer, you know how those Japanese wafers sometimes have freebies like anime stickers or cards? Well, I had a few of those that I brought with me to give out to cosplayers 🤗 and had a Loid one on me! I ended up giving their whole cosplay group badge ribbons as well, and in return their Ganyu gave me some stickers and a cake pop which was so nice of them!!

Onto Day 3~ after the Fallout gathering I hosted, thatguywithagameboycamera gave me a 'Test Site' snow globe magnet and a print out of my picture using his GameBoy camera, pretty neat!! 📸 Unfortunately, since the snow globe already had a crack in it, it leaked 😅 luckily it was pretty contained within the bubble wrap so it didn't spill or anything in my backpack.

I got to catch up with the incredibly talented Evan Ohl, he mentioned having my stickers on an old tool box, so of course I had to give him some of my new ones~ and in return he gave me one of his Slumtek patches which had long been sold out!! 🙏🥺 Be sure to check out his shop, distrikt15 for similar patches and other cool shit!

Chris, Jesse, and I decided to hit up the Exhibit Hall one last time before we all left for the con, as none of us were coming back on Sunday and one of the first booths we hit up was Brambleburg Arts, as Evan mentioned he'd be hanging out and helping there. Naturally, I had to get some Jollibee merch haha 🐝❤ the shaker charm is fun to play with and I'm a sucker for notebooks!! One can never have enough notebooks IMHO.

My last purchase at the con was this Aoi Todo 'What's your type?' slap by Panda King Stickers, as he's my partner's favorite character from Jujutsu Kaisen. LOL


I'm pretty happy with my Anime LA haul, I found a good bit without going too crazy, and a nice variety of merch types too! I can't wait to see what I can find at WonderCon next month!! 🙌

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