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It's been a hot minute.

Warning: this is probably gonna be messy and all over the place. It is my blog, after all haha.

My first blog post of 2024 and first blog post that I'm writing for myself in a very long time. 😅 I think part of the reason why I stopped was because doing the monthly merch posts took up way more time than I realized, and I'll be honest, there are certain brands I don't wanna support anymore. I'll still be doing reviews and whatnot as I have a ton to work with as is, but I'll be more selective with what I post about and what I purchase moving forward. I could write a whole ass series of blog posts about why I don't wanna focus on doing merch anymore, but I'll save it for another day. So what will I be focusing on instead? It's simple: getting back into cosplay and crafting! I miss documenting the whole creative process and making tutorials, it's about time I updated the latter too haha. Anime LA this year really helped me realize how much I miss all of it, and it really was what I needed to push me to fully get back into it, and I'm pretty excited to get some new cosplays done for WonderCon that's around the corner! I better get on it haha 🏃‍♀️💨 I miss it, and I feel like I'm truly in my element when I'm being creative. 😤🔥 Hmm, what else 🤔 Anime LA related blogs are still coming, I'll have a bit of catching up to do this month with blog posts as I'll be crossposting from BlueSky/Instagram onto my blog to be 'extended posts' if that makes sense?? For Instagram specifically, I've learned it's a massive waste of time to do any sort of long form content on there. NOBODY. READS. SHIT. 🤪 so I'd rather crosspost it here and expand on it on my blog, so it's here for my reference and as a backup if my Instagram ever gets nuked (spoiler: it's already happened once lmao). Plus with how these social platforms come and go (LiveJournal, Xanga, MySpace anyone?), it's always a good idea to have your stuff crossposted across multiple platforms.

When I started typing all this out I feel like I had SO much more to say 🤣😅 but maybe it'll be easier for me to express in a vlog or something, and yes don't worry my YouTube channel will be coming back! I kinda felt like I needed a 'fresh' start with that one, so all my old videos are currently privated, not sure if I'll bring them back but they're not completely gone (...for now).

January felt like the longest month ever, and now we're already in the middle of February? What the hell happened lmao 🤯🤯 anyways, thanks for reading and I'll see ya in the next one~

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