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TBT - October 2018 Desk & Collection Setup

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I'm almost done with my collection photo backlog, then I can start catching up on new stuff I've acquired since then... yay. ^^; But in the meantime I thought it would be fun to do my first Throwback Thursday post on my blog, showing my desk/work area at my last place! I only had it like this for a few months before we had to move LOL and I made sure to take plenty of photos before I had to start packing everything up. I think this is the first time I've posted this full photo set anywhere online, now that I think about it! ^^; Click through or swipe to view all photos while viewing~



This is the view from my desk going right, which leads into the kitchen area. Our last place had this really weird angled wall that we didn't really know what to do with lmao, then I had the idea to move my desk over onto that side and I got another desk and put them side by side so it's one really long desk. I'm a genius, I know thank you. I'm pretty much always in front of my computer or sewing machine and serger, so really it just made more sense to do it this way with a cutting mat in the middle to hide where the desks are joined. We also had reaaally high ceilings, so all the wall art and prints go pretty high up to take advantage of all the vertical space.

All furniture is from IKEA. All acrylic shelving, organizers, risers, etc. are from The Container Store, Amazon, or Daiso and I'll be doing a future blog entry on this later because I always get questions on where I buy my acrylic stuff. Also note: MOST of what's in my collection is already cataloged on my site if you'd like more info and photos, under the 'COLLECTION' section (wow surprise lol).

Desk & Desk Shelves

I kept this to my absolute favorite things ;p so one shelf dedicated to Marvel, Fallout, Mass Effect, and my Vault Dweller. I really liked the look of the acrylic shelves but they just kinda got annoying after a while ^^; also, you'll have to dust them CONSTANTLY as it's so noticeable, it's even visible in these photos lmao

Mass Effect

I used to keep all my Mass Effect collection stuff on my desk shelves but it started taking over my desk, so I finally got a display case. :p It's messy as I didn't have a chance to organize or set it up how I wanted, the only section that looks neat is the bottom as that's where I kept all the books. I'll do a separate blog post for my Garrus ita bag later on.

Fallout - Top

I always put the bulky, but lighter items on top and this way I can fit even more crap inside the display cases ;p it might be hard to see, but my Power Fist for Veronica is in the back, I have a cosplay progress blog and profile page up for those who are interested in checking it out! I have a whole collection of shades and glasses for my various Fallout cosplays, I think accessories are a fun way to customize/personalize your cosplays, and I mean why not, yknow? I'm the one who has to wear it, so I might as well do it my way. ;p

Fallout - Accessories

I tried to keep this section to accessories and small items like enamel pins. The pin board in the back isn't anything special, it's a 12"x12" cork tile glued onto foam board for stability, I've made nicer pin boards since then but I was just tired of having all my pins dumped in my desk drawers haha. So, at least this way they're displayed at least! I've also kept ALL the bottlecaps I've received from fellow wastelanders over the years, and I'm thinking of maybe putting them in a shadow box or something. We'll see!

Fallout - FO1, FO2, New Vegas

I tried to theme this one with the OG games and New Vegas :) one of my fave items? The ornament is a gift from the lovely Rhiannon (ag.gypsy on IG) and contains real dirt from Goodsprings, NV! I think it's the coolest thing ever, and it looks even nicer now that the dust has settled inside. Also, if anyone's curious who/what I have envisioned for my Courier, Reggie peep the gift art on the right side by Gwen (darky_sunny on IG) ;p which reminds me that I need to get some FO4 mods installed so I can recreate my Fallout characters for commission purposes, haha. Also, the photos with the official Tekken cosplayers will always be one of my faves, special shoutout to Heihachi for being kawaii with me haha! Taken at GameStop Expo 2016!

Fallout - FO3/FO4

I'm still not sure why some of these turned out blurry ^^; I think having the LED lamp on just kinda threw everything off, haha. Yeah, I don't really have much to say about this one except yes, I really, really, really like Charon.

Fallout - Books

Again with the books and whatnot being on the bottom shelf. I also keep the sodas on the bottom shelf because I'm paranoid that if they somehow break, I don't want it to trickle down and get on everything else. lol Also, can we talk about how fucking amazing the Fallout 4 artbook is?? Like wow, I still feel so spoiled and it's really set a standard for what I expect from video game artbooks. Despite what I think about the game, I'm still bummed Fallout 76 never got an artbook release.

Fallout - Miscellaneous

This is where something will go if I can't find a section for it lol! A lot of what's pictured are actually gifts from friends and followers, the Mystery Minis set in the back is a gift from attending the Bethesda E3 Showcase in 2015, maybe I'll finally get to go again this year?? MAYBE? Generally I don't keep the packaging for my collectibles, but I left those in the box when I realized how big of a pain in the ass it would be to remove them, haha

Fallout - Figures

The Mystery Minis will forever be the fucking bane of my existence, I love how cute they look but jesus fucking christ trying to collect them is a monumental pain in the ass. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Also, I hope they make more Dorbz.

Fallout - Bobbleheads

Bobbles! Who else remembers the long wait between Series 2 and Series 3 of the 101 bobbleheads? Haha. I also picked up Series 4 of the 111 bobbleheads as they're actually different for once, I remember reading on the Gamingheads FB that the only difference between the 101 and 111 bobbleheads is that the latter have a different head sculpt. Also, who the hell has space for 2 sets of bobbleheads, or 3 now if you wanna count the 76 bobbleheads?? NOT ME, THAT'S FOR SURE. >_>

Fallout - Funko Pops!

I was still hoping we'd get more companion Pops! :( and ahh, now I'm reminded that I should probably get that flocked Dogmeat Pop! because it looks cute. lol

Prop Wall

My Fallout packs, minus my Lone Wanderer themed messenger bag as I kept that by my computer case and my cosplay props. The machete and axe are for Jason Vorhees, and the swords are for Shii Arisugawa and Psylocke though I'm sure I'll find SOME way to incorporate them into Fallout cosplays hehe. :p


I'm aaalmost done getting the work room set up at my new place (yeah, it only took a few months LOL) so I'll have a blog post set up for that once it's ready :) the display cases will probably take a bit longer haha, as I've been trying to get stuff situated here room by room, and the living and dining rooms are the last ones I'll get to. ^^;

Thanks for reading! Please 'heart' this post and leave a comment! If you have any questions just let me know in the comments and I'll get back to you as soon as I can, and don't forget to follow me on my social media~ click-y links are at the top of the page. See y'all in my next blog post! <3

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