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Summer daze~ updates, I guess?

meme of GoWon from Loona taking a selfie while smiling and doing a peace sign pose, edited into the foreground of a pan that's on fire on a kitchen stove

During the beginning of the year I decided to take a break from aggressively keeping up with merch updates on my blog, it kind of sucks to put so much effort into only to have what feels like a handful of followers who actually give a shit. 🤷‍♀️ I feel like I'm in the minority in still preferring long form blogs and vlogs, versus content having to be consumable in 15 seconds or less. Anyways, I've decided to catch up and keep up with it again even if it's me and only me who gives a shit, as least I'll have something for my own reference and hey, gotta create the content you wanna see, right?

I've spent the last 2 1/2 days catching up on 5 months of new merch releases in the Fallout and Mass Effect fandoms, it even got to the point where my partner said I was working more hours than him. 😂 The read times on each post is usually around 5 minutes, but there's literally hours that I have to do for a single post: research, editing photos, creating galleries for said photos, adding alt text, typing summaries, updating pre-order lists, and what feels like endlessly previewing to make sure I got everything right. LOL 😫😫 It's waaay more work than it looks like!

I've also updated 17 (!!) blog posts from last year so all the images have alt text, and will do my best to slowly work through the uhh, 60+ blog posts I have... not to mention all the cosplay and merch stuff I have cataloged on my site. I really have my work cut out for me because haha, I insist on doing this to myself. But I do think accessibility is really important, so I always try to add it whenever I post images and make sure my videos have captions added. I personally get super annoyed when a video (especially short form video) doesn't have any captions added as I keep my phone muted like 99% of the time 😅 I'm just gonna skip it and move onto the next thing, sorry not sorry. 🤷‍♀️


So what else is new aside from all that? Not much, tbh. 😅 I'm still only getting small bursts of creativity to work on new stuff cosplay-wise, I'm really not sure what I have to do to get it back to pre-pandemic levels of actually being excited to work on new stuff on a regular basis. Even before all that, I burned myself out trying to work on Kasumi and I feel like I've never really recovered from that. I do have materials to work on new stuff, but the motivation just isn't... there. I did finish The Silver Shroud though, she's been sitting pretty on my dress form for the past 2 months or so, at some point I'll need to actually get some photos so I can store her in the closet and figure out what to work during my next small burst of creativity.

Kind of related but I did move my office around and I feel it's helped with boosting my overall mood? I'm sure now sitting directly in front of the single window in my office had to do with it, like I'm some kind of cat or something. LOL But yeah, I moved my desk to the opposite side, I mean it can only go on other side as it's a massive L-shaped desk lmao and I finally got a bookcase in here, with the bottom two shelves dedicated for my cats, one side has a scratcher and the other a small bed (once it comes in the mail). Expect a blog post covering all this soon! I'm much happier with the space and setup, and finally feel like I'm ready to get back into doing YouTube videos again. I know it's been uh, a year? That sounds about right. 😅 I need to get one more thing set up and do some tests, the hard part will be having to get back into the swing of things as getting on camera in general can be pretty nerve wracking. But I also really miss doing videos and talking about merch, plus I have some stuff that I've been planning SINCE FOREVER that I finally wanna do!


Okay, I think that's it for now? I definitely need to take a break from all this blog stuff and wow, what do you know it's the weekend already! How perfect! 🤪 Miss Kainé has a check-up with a specialist in the afternoon, but once that's done I'll be free of obligations. HOORAY~ I'm really looking forward to doing jack shit this weekend lmao

Anyways, see ya in the next one! Which will be soon-ish~ (yes, for real for real this time haha) 😎💖

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