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My first blog post of 2020~

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

We're almost at the end of January, how's the month been treating everyone so far?

I'm honestly not big on New Year's resolutions, but one that I do have is start using my blog for more personal and cosplay related posts, also because I'm doing less Fallout Merch Roundup posts (there really isn't much new to post right now to warrant weekly posts)! I really meant to write this one up sooner lmao, but my first con of the year, Anime LA was 2 weeks ago, and that one crept up on me fast as December just whizzes by because of the holidays. I'll have a con recap of that one soon-ish, but for now if you'd like to check out my con photos and selfies I have them on my Flickr.

Siyegen (David) had a 3 day weekend and we spent most of the time catching up on tv shows: Castle Rock and The Outsider, obviously I won't spoil anything but if you're into Stephen King they're definitely worth checking out. I don't really think this is something I've mentioned or talked about much, but I was really into his stuff when I was in high school, I'd scarf my lunch down so I could find a quiet spot at school or a local mall and read lmao 😂 yeah, I spent a lot of time by myself and kinda doing my own thing. If anyone's curious my favorite novels are The Shining and Needful Things, but my absolute favorite is probably The Libary Policeman (a novella that's part of Four Past Midnight).

Originally, I planned on attending Anime Impulse over the weekend but that didn't pan out, I'm not sure why every time I plan on going something comes up or I wake up the day of not feeling great lmao 💀 I'm not gonna force myself to go to a con when I'm not feeling 100%, there's always going to be another con/event to attend, especially since I live in SoCal and there is ALWAYS something happening. I'm just not sure what's going on between now and WonderCon 😂 speaking of, one of my friends said pro badges just went up recently, so regular badges should be going up soon! I'm not sure why it's so late this year, but if you also plan on attending make sure you get your badge ASAP, they will sell out, people that follow me complain every year despite me telling them not to wait. lol

Anyways, cosplay-wise my only big plan this year is to finally finish Kasumi Goto, I had to check my time stamps but holy shit it's been almost 3 years since I started that and I really need to get it done. 😫 Expect to see older costumes come back with upgrades like Psylocke and Jubilee, and just me finishing some smaller cosplay projects that got put on the back burner for whatever reason. Why make anything new when I can just remake older costumes, amirite?! 😛 I did challenge myself and get Bernadetta from Fire Emblem: Three Houses done in less than a week for Anime LA, but that was also partially because like I mentioned above that con just creeped up way too fast. I'm still really happy with how it turned out though, and will do costume write up once I can stencil the boots, that'll have to wait until I can go to Jo-Ann as painting all the gold bits on that costume took waaay more paint than I thought! It was honestly really nice that everyone really liked my costume and wanted photos of me or with me 😭 when normally people don't give a flying fuck unless I'm in a spandex bodysuit or showing skin (and just generally revealing). LMAO Anyways, any new or old cosplay projects will be posted to my Twitter, I generally like to keep it on there as it's easier to post in a thread for updates.

I'm not sure what else to add, I feel like I had so much I wanted to say until I actually sat down and started typing up this blog post. lol I'll save it for the next one, I suppose! ✌❤

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