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Hello! It's been a while 🙆‍♀️

Life update: I'm still truckin' haha. I attended my first K-Pop concert, had a ton of fun going back to Seattle for PAX West, and the cats are teeny bit bigger and doing what cats do best which is get into shit they're not supposed to. I'm also getting ready for my last big con of the year: LA Comic Con next month, who will I be seeing there?

I needed to take a break from things as I felt like I was burning out again LMAO 🙃 I couldn't fall asleep at a decent hour last night so I stayed up to go over content ideas I had organized in spread sheets, how to split said content across my social media, and I think I've finally found a happy medium. YAY. I'm going to start testing shit on my Instagram backup account here, so if you'd like to see what I'm up to and provide feedback feel free to follow. I haven't uploaded any new YouTube videos because I've hella upgraded my audio equipment but need help setting it up lmao, it made me realize how unhappy I was with my current set up, and if I'm not putting out the best content that I possibly can then I don't want it out there. Not that I think my videos are super amazing or anything (I'm still learning and trying to make small improvements, okay) 🤣 but I don't wanna put videos up just for the sake of it or because I'm expected to. I'm some weeks behind with my merch round up posts, but I'm working on getting caught up by this weekend it may have to be split into two posts to make it easier, we'll see!

Quick reminders~ all of my social media are located on the top right corner of my site (or top middle if you're viewing on mobile), I've added my Bethesda Gear and Toynk Toys affiliate links, and Ko-Fi as well if you'd like to show support by throwing your money at me. 😛 I've had some use my Bethesda Gear affiliate link for purchases, but no one's tagged me in any haul posts 😅 I wanna see what y'all bought, so tag me please! If you'd like to go the Ko-Fi route be sure to include your username so I know who to personally thank 🙏❤ and before anyone gets any weird ideas or tries to make me feel bad for asking for this kind of support: I've been doing what I do ABSOLUTELY FREE for several years now and I've had people in the industry personally thank me, so I don't wanna fucking hear it from random jackasses who bring zero value to the community. So kindly shut the fuck up.

Anyways. 👀 You'll have to DM me on Instagram or Twitter for my Discord so I know who to add back, I clean up my friends list on occasion as people just like to add me and never message me...? Why even add me to begin with I'm here to chat, not here to pad out your friends list. lol Instagram's still my main social and curated as fuck, Twitter is for shitposting and cats, I also post all of my new merch finds and cosplay stuff over there first. I'll be back on YouTube later this month or early next 🤞 I'm really excited to work on some videos that I've planned SINCE FOREVER and I hope that you'll like them too! E-mail me if you have an inquiry that's not covered in my FAQ, wanna collab on a project, or would like to send me mail! Send me letters or postcards, I will write back! 📮

I think that'll be all for now, I'm pretty sure I'll think of something to add the second I hit the publish button on my blog, haha. What else is new though? 😅 I hope you're all doing well, the weekend's right around the corner so I hope everyone has a good one! Thanks as always for reading and take care ❤

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