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Fallout Merch Overload at E3 2019

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Whew, so E3 was certainly something, my first E3 was so much for me that I needed to take a break for a goddamn week to recover, haha. I'm just now getting around to editing my photos from the event, I made it my mission to basically take photos of everything Fallout I could find. I'll maybe add a part 2 later with merch from other series, but for now this is just Fallout focused as there's a lot of new and upcoming releases to cover. I couldn't take as many photos as I wanted because it was SO CROWDED on Day 1, so I got what I could. Maybe next year I can get in as Media lmao, but oh boy those extra 3 hours to browse around without the crazy crowds would be great! If I don't have an ETA listed it's most likely Q3 or Q4 of this year. Make sure you swipe to view all of my photos, it's all broken down by maker so it's hopefully easier to browse.

Also, this post contains affiliate links to Bethesda Gear and Toynk Toys, so if you'd like to help me out please click on the links and make a purchase as I earn a small commission. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! <3


The Wand Company

The Slocum's Joe Fusion Flea is the latest vehicle to be added, and while I've skipped the previous ones I'm definitely gonna get one as it's pink! I LOVE PINK! Also donuts. I didn't see an info card for this one, so no ETA yet and it'll probably be a retailer exclusive as a result I expect this one to GO FAST once pre-orders are live.

You can pre-order the Nuka-Cola Delivery Truck on Bethesda Gear for $150, ETA is September 2019.

Here are the new Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI variants, plus some upgrades which they actually mentioned on their site earlier this year, I also mentioned this in a previous merch roundup post. Who else bought a Pip-Boy kit and still needs to assemble it, please raise your hand. LOL They must have known because now there's a pre-assembled one, and I think the Red Rocket variant looks really cool too!

You can pre-order all of these now on Bethesda Gear:

Chronicle Collectibles / Silver Screen Bottling Company

Pre-order info for the 1:1 scale T-51 Power Armor Statue, Nuka-Cola Power Armor helmet, and Nukashine can be found on their site.

Close ups of the upcoming 1:9 scale Nukashine Power Armor at their booth, this will be sold as an EXCLUSIVE DUO with the new Nukashine Blue Raspberry Moonshine premium spirit, pre-order info is listed on their site. Keep swiping for photos of their previous merch releases, I actually got the Liberty Prime statue on ThinkGeek because I was so impressed with all the detail. Really, being able to browse all this stuff in person is dangerous! You'll wanna buy everything!!


I should have taken a photo of me standing next to this Deathclaw statue, it was MASSIVE and the detail on it was insane! I don't know if I'll pick up the Mr. Handy, but I'm definitely thinking about the Mr. Gutsy. Jangles the Moon Monkey is a no go as that is some legit nightmare fuel and I don't need it in my house lmao

Links to purchase/pre-order directly:

The Stubbins

I pretty much bee lined to their booth when I was done at the Bethesda booth, haha. Their plushies are super cute and I was curious if they had an ETA on Dogmeat and Vault Girl, as they were revealed at Toy Fair 2019 back in February. I was told Q3 or Q4, so expect them to drop later this year. For folks in the US, these will most likely be available at Gamestop. I also thought it was interesting that Vault Girl has Vault 111 on the back, while Vault Boy has 76!

btw, if you haven't checked out my Vault Boy by Stubbins video, it's on my Youtube! I do a quick overview for those who aren't familiar with Stubbins, and you get to see the plush up close and personal.


Prototype of the classic T-45 Power Armor, but holy shit I'm really excited for this!! All I can tell you is make sure you follow them on social media for updates as this will go fast once it drops. I wanna say this was 6-7" tall? I need to start bringing a measuring tape with me for this kinda stuff, haha.

Toynk Toys / Dynamite Comics

Trading cards aren't my thing but it seems a lot of people are interested in these, so here ya go: Series 2 of their Fallout trading cards. I don't see these listed but you can get Series 1 on their site.

Did anyone else pick up the Nanoforce Series figures? These jumbo sized T-60 Power Armor and Vault Boy figures are coming soon! I think the ETA was Q4, but don't quote me on that, haha. But as usual make sure to follow Toynk Toys on their social media for updates! Also, if you're not familiar with the Nanoforce Series of figures, I have blog reviews covering Series 1 Boxed Volume 1 here and Series 1 Boxed Volumes 2-4 here.

Three Zero HK

Oh man, it feels like only yesterday I was at PAX Prime 2015 taking photos of their T-45 and T-60 Power Armor prototypes, haha. The detail on this is insane, it's my first time seeing one of these in person! This is exclusive to Bethesda Gear and will run you $400 USD with an ETA of end of June 2019.


Nuka-Cola and Vault boy cases on display at NZXT's booth, pretty neat! Did any of you pick up these limited edition cases?

Bethesda Gear

And I'll end this E3 merch post with a few photos from the Bethesda Gear booth/displays, you can purchase or pre-order most of what's pictured here on their site! Did anyone pick up one of the exclusive Vault-Tec stash boxes? They were bundled with the 'Born Survivor' Vault Boy of the Month t-shirt for $40 USD which is an awesome deal!!


Me, now that I've finally made it to the end of this post LMAO it's always such a struggle to get my followers to check out my blog, so thanks to those of you who have stopped by I appreciate it, and let me know what upcoming merch releases y'all are excited for, what's on your 'must have' list?? I wanna know so please leave a comment and don't forget to follow me on my social media for updates! Click-y links are at the top of the page. See y'all in my next blog post! <3

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