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Fallout Nanoforce Series 1 Boxed Volume 1

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

  • PAST MEETS THE FUTURE with the NANOFORCE Fallout Army Builder Collection!

  • COLLECTIBLE FIGURES capture all of the fun & nostalgia of classic army men.

  • COLLECTOR'S BOX features a "Play or Display" design and includes 13 unique Fallout figures.

  • BOX 1 include 12 two-inch & 1 four-inch collectible figures from the famous gaming franchise.

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED FALLOUT MERCHANDISE. Did you miss out on Fallout 76 Collector's Edition? Here is your chance to get exclusive figures! Makes a great gift for any Fallout fan!


Special thanks again to the folks at Toynk Toys for sending this my way for review! :D You won't find these for sale anywhere else, as these are exclusively brought to you buy Toynk Toys and EMCE Toys. This retails for $19.99USD and they offer free shipping with no minimum, check their site for details. If you'd like to support me be sure to use my affiliate link when browsing their site! <3 Note: this is the first box, I'm waiting for a shipment to arrive and I'll do a separate review to cover boxed sets 2-4 all together.

As always, I'll start with the packaging itself, which is pretty nice to display on its own tbh. I have no idea where I'd put all these figures to begin with, so I were to put them in my display cases they'd stay in the boxes and I'd take them out if I wanted to play with them or get photos (...and yes, I still play with my toys). The packaging dimentions are approximately: 7" x 2.5" x 8" with window packaging on the front right side. On the back it gives you a preview of what's inside, plus photos of the other boxed sets. Collect 'em all!

And here's what's inside! :) I'll go into what's in the pamphlet and the figures included next!

The pamphlet is full color, and as you unfold it, it basically tells you about the Nanoforce figure line, what's included in each boxed set, and every single figure included in Series 1. You can even use that as a check list if you want. 52 to collect!

When it's fully unfolded, the back reveals a 17" x 11" map of Appalachia with marked spots for every figure. I'll be honest, this right here is probably my favorite part in the whole boxed set haha, I dunno, I just love something about maps. :) It could also double as a small play mat too!

Here are all the figures, so you get 13 total. While these are inspired by the 'classic green army men' figures, these are made from hard plastic and each figure is digitally sculpted for maximum amount of detail, they have a really nice weight to them and don't feel cheap at all. I wasn't 100% sold on these before, it fell onto my 'if I have extra money I'll get it' list, but now that I've seen them in person? These are actually really nice and worth it IMHO. The stock photos/renders don't do them justice, so hopefully mine do :p I've always been big on getting 'real life' photos of merch as it's more helpful when you're deciding whether to purchase something or not. Anyways, moving on~

Detail shots of all the figures! I separated them all by color... just because! You can really see how highly detailed some of these figures are, like the Power Armors and Super Mutants, meanwhile the Vault Boy perks look kinda bland in comparison as they're waaay more simple in design. ^^; Which one(s) are your favorite? I love the 'Toughness' perk because... HE BIG. A BIG BOI.

Here's Boxed Set 1 on their spots on the map :) I like how they mostly occupy that left side, haha.


Thanks again to Toynk Toys for sending this my way, remember to use my affiliate link to browse their site and make a purchase, and if you do purchase anything please tag me in your posts I'd love to see what y'all end up getting! :) <3

Thanks for reading and I hope y'all found it helpful and informative, please 'heart' this post, leave a comment, and share it because it would help me a lot and motivate me to do even more reviews for y'all! Do you have a question about this merch item that I didn't cover in my review? Leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can, and don't forget to follow me on my social media~ click-y links are at the top of the page. <3

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