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Hello 2021 + 2020 Year in Review

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Screenshot from 'Vivid' by Heejin of K-Pop group Loona with the subtitle text edited to say 'OH MY GOD NO'

I know we're 2 weeks into the new year, but I still wanted to do a post for this for the handful that actually like reading this kinda thing 😅 and also for my own sake, just to kinda get it out of my system yknow? I also really do miss blogging in general, not counting my merch roundup posts as I count that as 'work' haha.


WELL. I ended up not meeting any personal goals I set for myself last year, but I'm not going to beat myself up over it because it was one hell of a year. I thought I'd finally be able to catch up on unfinished cosplay projects but that ended up not happening at all because I spent a lot of the time feeling depressed, so my productivity was at an all time low. I felt like just getting up in the mornings (...or afternoons) felt like such a monumental task, it did get better later on and now I feel like I have a better handle on things.

I did A LOT of cleaning up. Whether that was culling out my friends lists and/or distancing myself from certain people, getting rid of clutter at home, or doing my best to kick bad habits. 2020 really helped clear my head and provide clarity, even if it did take a few to get there. 😅 But the cleaning is going to continue through 2021, because there's still more work to be done.

It wasn't all bad, though! Siyegen and I bought a house (!!) so it feels like we get to check that off our 'adulting' check list, haha. It's so funny because it started off as a joke sometime in April, like 'haha what if we move back to Orange County? Just kidding... unless? 😳' so then we started looking around and fell in love with one house in particular, then put in an offer over the summer! THERE IS SO MUCH PAPERWORK INVOLVED OMFG. But we got it, and started the move in process that first week of September! It was pretty much move in ready, but we're already planning and looking forward to doing renovations to really make it our own once it's safe. I admit, it was a bit nerve wracking moving during a pandemic, but it worked out just fine and the moving company was super professional. If anybody in SoCal needs recommendations for a realtor and/or moving company, get in touch!


I think last year I said I want to focus more on my blog (and site in general) and YouTube, so guess what my goals are for this year LMAO 👀💦 I feel like I'm at a better place now though, and while it's not 100% to my liking, my audio and video is set up to where I can finally start recording videos again! YouTube's been the hardest social media for me to stick with, because between filming and editing it takes absolutely forever for me to get stuff done 😅 what looks like a 5 minute video can easily take me hours to edit, and I don't even do anything fancy! If you're a content consumer, remember: if it looks easy, it's always anything but. If it were so easy, everyone would be doing it! 🤷‍♀️

And one of my personal, non-fandom related goals is train to hit 200 lbs for my 1 rep max deadlift 💪😤 right now I need to get back into a routine, and man is it difficult to stay consistent but it definitely helps now that we have our own home gym setup! I'm not looking forward to having to cut even more junk out of my diet 😢😭 but it's necessary if I want to start seeing results. Note: I'll be dieting to put on weight so I can lift more. I don't know why every time I've mentioned dieting, people immediately assume I'm trying to lose weight.


Anyways!! I'm not sure what else to add so I'll end it here for now. 😅 I have some haul blogs to type out and queue up, and do some content planning for the weekend, so keep and eye out! Don't forget to follow me on my other socials to stay updated, you can use the social media buttons on the top of my page to follow me elsewhere 🤓💖 take care and wear a mask y'all! Let's all do our best to make 2021 a good one!

💖 shiimapan

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