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Veronica Santangelo from Fallout: New Vegas Cosplay Log

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I'm finally getting around to remaking my Veronica cosplay, I'll cover my old AND new progress in this post so expect updates to be made as I get stuff done, but if you'd like to just check out my cosplay photos you can view them here!

So who is Veronica, and why did I want to cosplay as her? ;p She's one of several potential companions in Fallout: New Vegas, which if you don't know is my intro into the Fallout series, and she's a character very dear to my heart. I rarely, if ever see her cosplayed and I wanted to change that, even though it's not really recognizable (...even among Fallout fans lmao) and definitely not flattering to wear... hell, even one of my kids nicknamed this 'Potato Sack Princess' even though these are pricey linen fabrics. LOL

Character References

I thought it would be a good idea to include some references, for those who might not be familiar with the character... and who think I'm joking about the whole potato sack thing, haha. I had to lighten the other 2 references showing the robes and hood so y'all could see the detail, but in the game it's pretty drab/dark. Images via the Fallout Wiki.


Power Fist by Chergnomebyl Props (Commissioned Summer 2014)

I knew I had to get this commissioned, as there was no way I would have the time/skill/patience to try my hand at it, haha. I've been a huge fan of Chergnomebyl's work since discovering them on way back in the day, plus as it turns out they're also a huge fan of the Fallout series and this was their first time working on a Fallout commission! I feel like it was a match made in heaven, hehe. FYI the first two photos are from their Facebook page :) also this is is custom fit to my forearm so it really doesn't fit anyone else except me, and yes others have tried to wear it with hilarious results, haha.

Armored Robes, Gloves (December 2014/January 2015)

Ugh, these linens were really expensive!! I think $17/yard at Jo-Ann ;-; so expensive fabrics + commissioning the Power Fist made this my most expensive costume at the time, in fact I think it still might be my most expensive costume ever... anyways, nothing too spectacular construction-wise, the top has buttons and for the pants I did an elastic waist, it was all going to be covered by tunic and that weird... shawl thing anyways. The arm sleeves (?) are attached to the top sleeves, and the gloves are just rectangles with sewn on the sides with a hole for my thumbs, haha.

Hood (December 2014/January 2015)

I used an old hoodie of mine and traced it for the hood pattern, I also decided to NOT add the weird point in the back out of personal preference. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I used to get a lot of questions about how I made the hood not droopy, and the trick is it has a piece of plastic boning in the front! I got the idea from one of my iDOLM@STER costumes (specifically, this one LOL), as my cosplay group used plastic boning for one of our dresses, it was my first time working with it too! So I'm glad I was able to use it in some of my other cosplays too :) apparently these are the only 2 progress photos I have to share for the hood, so I'll be sure to take a lot more for next time.


~*~2019 REMAKE~*~

Okay, now it's time to remake everything except the Power Fist. LOL Unfortunately pretty much all the cloth pieces didn't hold up well from being in storage, plus I wasn't happy with how I constructed a lot of those pieces so they had to go. ^^; Gaaaay enamel pin by Jen Bartel!

Pants (March/April 2019)

I decided to start off with the pants as making pants is always FUN and wanted to get it out of the way first. Uhh, so this pattern kind of sucks LMAO I originally bought it for another costume but wow, I'm kinda glad I used it for this so I can shop around for a better one, it only worked out because it was easy enough for me to take in the waist and sides so it wasn't so baggy on me :C all pieces are flat lined because the linen is pretty flimsy and I wanted to give it some structure. I'm waiting for my hook and eye closures to arrive so I can attach them to the front, and I'm going to add some cargo pockets in the back because one can always use more pockets on costumes!! I had zero the first time around, and it sucked haha so I'm not gonna make the same mistake twice. @.@;;


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