Yayoi Takatsuki from The IDOLM@STER

Variation: Forever Star

Debuted: Anime LA 2013

Construction Notes: I made this for Angel Hearts, Sparkle Pipsi and Maryssa took care of most of the pattern guess work, so all I had to do was follow along. It was my first time working with plastic boning and horsehair braid, so that was interesting. The hardest thing about doing any sort of group cosplay is making sure everyone matches ^^; there's definitely some things I should have done differently, and now I kinda regret not making mine so I could swatch the sashes out if needed!

Personal Thoughts: I wasn't really sold on this costume set until Sparkle Pipsi did an edit where the girls had image color sashes! I dunno why, but I'm a sucker for anything image color related. I still have this costume but haven't worn it since as I sold my old wig and have yet to find a suitable replacement. D'oh!