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P.O. Box Pickups 04/03/19

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

SO. I'm a bit late with posting this as I originally planned to have it up early last week but yknow, life happens lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It only took me a few months after moving into my new place lmao, but I finally got a new P.O. Box!! If you'd like to send me anything, please get in contact using the e-mail button on the top of my page, I'd be more than happy to receive letters or postcards from you guys :) and I will write back too, just give me a few to catch up on my backlog of stuff I need to send out, haha. Anyways, moving along~ earlier this month I picked up several packages so here's what came in:

Nuka-Cola Shaker by Pantie_Pirate

This was purchased for $15+shipping via DM on Instagram! I'm always looking for unique fan merch to add to my collection, and I think this is super cute! I'm going to add it to my Fallout ita bag :D I think she has some left to sell, so you can contact her on Instagram for more info if you're interested!

Vault 13 Door by Sobolev Crafts

This was sent to me by Michael who owns Sobolev Crafts :) he asked me what vault number I'd like on it, and of course I said 13! The detail and painting on this piece is amazing, I feel like my photos really don't do it justice. It's beautiful! If you'd like to get your own you can order it through his Etsy and you can request a custom vault number too :) he's also on Instagram and you can follow him there for updates!

Care Package from ClayGrahamArt

If you guys are looking for pop culture related fan merch like enamel pins, stickers, t-shirts, etc. you HAVE to check out his stuff!! It's funny because we've been following each other on IG since like 2014 (?? the fuck) but only finally got to meet in person at Designer Con last year, haha. He sent me a few sets of his new 'Wasteland Traveler vintage hotel keytags' which style is your favorite and which hardware do you prefer: ball chain, keychain, or split key ring? Note: the ones pictured I added my own hardware out of prefernce, if you purchase these it will come with a single split key ring only (no jump ring connector). Anyways, you can purchase these separately for $5 or as a full set for $10 on his Etsy!

Out of everything he sent me, my fave items are the hotel keytags because that's so fucking cool and I've never seen that done before, the Squidward 'I really wish I wasn't here right now' sticker because WOW MOOD, and his personal 'Clay!' enamel pin hehe. You can visit his site here and follow him on Instagram for all the latest shop updates and sneak peeks at new merch! :D

Care Package from Little.Miss.111

Jess went above and beyond sending me this care package, holy shit!! Even more impressive was how she managed to jam pack all this into a small parcel O___O I kept pulling stuff out of the parcel wondering: wtf when does it end?? LOL Click through to see all the clothing items she sent :D <3 and she definitely knows my style, haha! I especially LOVE the BlackMilk jersey which is my very first BM piece (uh oh, this is dangerous...), and the D.Va crop top by Pixel Pixie!! How cute is this?!

Here's a separate gallery for the smaller items she sent :) I LOVE the Quantum cup of course (only available at gaming events in Australia IIRC, as I've never seen them at US events lol) but I adore the teddy and shot glass! I'm a total sucker for souvenirs, haha. Thank you so much, Jess!! <3 You can follow her on Instagram and Twitch!

Care Package from Philly_Asquare

George offered to send me the 2nd Fallout Collectible Box by CultureFly as I couldn't find it locally and it's not available online (psst, ICYMI you can grab the first one here) and I was so confused when this arrived as I was like: why is this box so huge and heavy?! I wasn't expecting him to send me all these extra goodies along with it, holy shit!! ;0;

And here are the smaller items :) I don't have many of the FO3 Mystery Minis, so I'm pretty excited about adding the Grim Reaper's Sprint and Male!Lone Wanderer to my collection! FYI the backpack hangers are blind bags and I've only seen them at Hot Topic starting in December 2018, but you'll have to check your local stores for availability. I haven't seen them at other retailers or really anywhere online aside from eBay. I know I'll get people asking about those, so there's your info haha. I haven't looked through all the cards yet as I'm waiting to get a binder and page protectors to properly display them!

Thanks so much George for this incredible care package!! <3


I will try to get some YouTube videos up for these once I get back into doing videos in general, which will be soon I promise!! ^^; It's just so much work to do video stuff, haha. Anyways~ thanks again to my incredible friends and followers for sending these my way, just the fact that they took the time to send me something means a lot to me and I really appreciate it. <3

Thanks for reading! Please 'heart' this post and leave a comment, I'd love to know which merch item(s) you also have or which ones you'd love to add to your collection! If you have any questions just let me know in the comments and I'll get back to you as soon as I can, and don't forget to follow me on my social media~ click-y links are at the top of the page. See y'all in my next blog post! <3

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