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Bethesda Gear Haul - April 2020

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Whew, okay I think this will be my last big Bethesda Gear haul for a while but we'll see how long that lasts lmao 💀

DISCLOSURE: I'm a Gear Ambassador for Bethesda Gear so all the links in this post are affiliate links, I'll earn a teeny commission if you follow through with a purchase! This is the best way to help support what I do, and if you can't make a purchase right now (I totally understand no worries ❤) you can also help a lot by sharing this post with anyone who might be interested, and even just clicking on the links helps!! If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out and thanks so much for your continued support!


Here's an overview 😝 note the flags laid out on the bottom, I already unfolded them and didn't want to even try folding them back up just for photos, haha.

ALSO!! I almost forgot to mention this is all purchased by me, nothing is sponsored or anything. Seriously I still buy a lot of my stuff and have to keep point it out because everyone assumes I just get free shit sent to me all the time (which really isn't the case).

Viva Las Vegas, baby! 🎰🤑 of course I had to get this one because it's New Vegas, featuring one of the most, if not the most iconic sign from the series. I love the distressed look of the design, and of course the matching glossy sticker too (measures approx. 3"H x 5"L)! I will turn this into a mini-DIY project as I'd like to cap the sleeves and cut to crop it, currently I'm just gathering/tying it in the back so it looks cropped when I wear it.

All of the 'Vault Boy of the Month' t-shirts come packaged in a cute Vault-Tec themed sealed plastic bag, and mine came with a bonus Smart Grip (Pop Socket)! I already have quite a few Pop Sockets in general so this one is going straight into the giveaway pile, expect it to pop up at some point!

Pin of the Month-07: Vault Dweller - $15

The listing for this is completely removed so I can't link to it lmao 🤷‍♀️ luckily, I can reference my Fallout Merch Roundup posts for info! Measures 1.75" in total diameter with 2 pin posts and limited to 1,000 pieces. I haven't been too crazy to collect the PotM stuff for whatever reason, but I really wanted this one because I think the hinged design is really cool and Vault Boy is doing a cute pose! I didn't get photos of the back of the pin (just the card backing, whoops) but it does have a backstamp. I also really like the design of the card backing, nice packaging is always key IMHO as it can really help sell merch!

This is gimmicky as hell 🙈 but I really wanted it so I got it, haha. I only wanted Nuka-Girl because I thought it was cool how they did the helmet, I'm not interested in collecting the others (Vault Boy, Vault Girl, and Power Armor). The paint job isn't super clean, no complaints from me but I figure I might as well point it out in case this is an issue for any of you reading this. 😛 Nuka-Girl measures approximiately 3.6" tall and this will vary depending on the Tubbz figure.

Here's some more photos of the packaging, for those curious. It did have a plastic tab hanger for retail sellers but I threw it out before taking photos, not that it was super important or anything 😅 but they all have a tub they sit in, the adhesive dots they use to secure the packaging is pretty strong, but not completely impossible to remove if you really wanted to remove it.

Yeeep so uh, I have 3 of these now? 😅 I wanted this for my Desdemona cosplay (whenever I can get around to fixing that), and because I have to support the cause and by the lone piece of Railroad merch available on the Bethesda Gear store lmao 😭 this is 3'H x 5'W with 2 grommets on the left side and the graphic is on one side only!

SO. Originally I bought this one to replace the bootleg version ( I bought years ago, since now that there's an official one I should buy it yknow? But I dunno 😬

Here are some side by side comparisons

Official vs bootleg. I know the official is based on what's seen in-game (not to be confused with promo or CGI art) and the bootleg one is obviously an edited version of the California state flag. I'm really confused why the two headed bear on the official version looks so pixelated though? 😬 It's like when you take an image that's low res and then try up-scaling it. It doesn't look terrible from far away but it looks kinda bad up close. *full on Monet quote from Clueless goes here* Originally, I wanted to use this as a new backdrop for my videos but I dunno I might stick with the bootleg one instead. What do you guys think?? Should I get the LootCrate one and compare all 3??


Okay cool, now I'm all caught up on my haul posts for now and can concentrate on working on other content 💀 and get ready to make more fabric masks for friends and family. I took about 2-3 weeks off from sewing but whew, the burnout is real!! I guess I could post about that on here too but I dunno if anyone would find it interesting, I guess if anything I could post it for my own reference kind of like when I post cosplay progress. Yes, I like to share what I'm working on but it's mostly for me so I can keep tabs of what I'm doing haha 😅

Thanks for reading, if you found this helpful and informative please 'heart' the post, leave a comment, and share it with your friends!! Did you buy anything? I'd love to see, please tag me in your haul posts 👀🛍 If you have a question about any merch items not covered in this post, leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Don't forget to follow me on my socials for the latest updates, all the click-y links are at the top of the page. See y'all in my next blog post, take care and stay safe out there in the wasteland! ❤

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