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Hoagies Originals Haul!!

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Hoagies Originals is owned and operated by Vaultt-Tec a.k.a. Dallas who's one of the first friends I ever made on Instagram yeaaars ago! Holy hell time flies! I still have some art prints and fridge magnets from when we first met in person at Comikaze Expo 2015, haha.

My last big haul from their shop was late last year, so I was due for another big haul haha, especially with their latest release: the wasteland vault doors! Plus I'm working on a Fallout: New Vegas themed ita bag and wanted to add some new pins to decorate it! So keep scrollin' for a ton of photos~


Sunset Sarsaparilla Deputy Badge

I didn't even have to collect 50 star caps this time, hehe ;p this is one of the bigger pins at 2"

Vault Boy Condition Status

The best part is the note on the back haha. This is a collab with Clay Graham and one of many they've done, but these are now discontinued, but you can view all designs and additional info here.

T-45 Helmet

The classic T-45 Power Armor helmet, black and gold variant! There's a standard and Outcast (red/black) variant available as well.

Mad Max Dogmeat

The best boy! Of course I had to get the original Dogmeat for my collection, have you watched the original Mad Max movies? It's been forever and a day since I've watched them!! Also, Fury Road is so very good.

Nuka-Cola Pin Pack

A cute trio of 'bottle rocket' style Nuka-Colas! Bigger versions are in the works that will be sold individually!

Wasteland Vault Doors

These are what pushed me to finally get my order in haha, these are 21mm so they're smaller than the most normal sized pins, so I think they're great if you're looking for a small and subtle way to rep the wasteland wherever you go. I couldn't decide if I wanted the nickel, antique gold, or antique bronze so naturally I got all 3 haha. Which one is your fave? Or would you also get all 3 like I did?

Big Iron & Texas Red Patch

This patch is 6" x 4" and I'm not quite sure where I want to put it haha, but I can figure that out later. Maybe I'll put it on my NV themed ita bag on the back! This has an iron-on backing!


Thank you Dallas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I highly recommend Hoagies Originals for all your Fallout enamel pin needs <3 seriously, I want to say Dallas is the one who really helped get the ball rolling with fanmade Fallout enamel pins in this fandom. Various apparel items and stickers are also available for purchase, be sure to follow the shop's Instagram for updates and DM to ask for the shop password so you can browse the goods!

Thanks for reading! Please 'heart' this post and leave a comment, I'd love to know which merch item(s) you also have or which ones you'd love to add to your collection! If you have any questions just let me know in the comments and I'll get back to you as soon as I can, and don't forget to follow me on my social media~ click-y links are at the top of the page. See y'all in my next blog post! <3

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