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Bethesda Gear Mystery Box by Bethesda Gear

Updated: Feb 16

This is part of my new 'Throwback Reviews' blog series where I'll post about older merch, and update posts that got stuck in the drafts. Why? Because why not, especially if it's a perfectly good post~ it could be something you've never seen before, maybe you've seen it for sale secondhand and are trying to price it, or you just enjoy long form content! Plus it would be nice to have it on my blog even if it's for my own reference. I plan on doing corresponding videos on my YouTube, so if there's one available it will be linked below! Navigation reminder: tap the arrows to view all photos, and click on an individual photo to view in full resolution!


Okay, so what the hell is in this thing? It contains 3 items from Fallout, Doom, or The Elder Scrolls with a retail value of over $50 for only $30 and you get:

  • 1 collectible item

  • 1 pin

  • 1 mystery item

The box is for illustration/display purposes only, it doesn't come in a fancy branded box (like the Nuka-Cola or Vault-Tec Stash Boxes, for example) and just ships in a regular shipping box. Who else thinks the question marks on the box look like macaroni though?? Anyways. Originally added on Bethesda Gear in March 2021 and limited to 500 units.

I'll start with the collectible item:

The Tops Casino Coin & Playing Card Set! You're probably wondering where the rest of the photos are, well you're in luck because I already have this cataloged on my site here! This is honestly a super cool little set for $20, I was surprised the packaging wasn't really showcased as I think it's super cute and kinda cool to display as is?! You get a standard 52-deck of playing cards with various Vault Boy and Vault Girl illustrations, and a massive 2" dealer's coin/token embossed with The Tops logo on one side, and Vault Boy on the other. I think it would be an awesome gift for any New Vegas fan, whether that's you or someone you know! 😉🎲

Next up we have the pin:

Which is the Pin of the Month #16 Volsung Mask! I admit, I didn't get very far into Skyrim because I got punched by a giant, went sky high, and that was the end of that. 🤣 Anyways, this normally runs $15 and is limited to 600 units, what makes this awesome is it's a hinged, soft enamel pin revealing a Khajit! Comes on a custom card backer, with 2 pin posts on the back and 2 butterfly clasp closures.

THIS is the ~*~mystery~*~ item?? Because I had no idea these would be in the mystery boxes LMAO

It's a Teddy Fear plushie 🧸 and here he is to scale with a Funko Pop! Vault Boy figure:

Because I swear these Teddy Bear plushies have been HUGE in person 🤣 it's one thing to read the product dimensions on the listing, but another to actually have it in hand, haha. He is approximately 12" in height, made of a super soft velboa fabric with a polyester stuffing. Super squishy too! Normally retails for $20

Here's everything I received in my Bethesda Gear Mystery Box, what others received is different but it seems most people I know also got a teddy bear variant. Adding it up this retails for $55 and I think overall it's a pretty good value if you're okay with knowing that you're going to receive random merch. I already have The Tops set and Teddy Fear 😅 but I went into buying a Mystery Box knowing that I'd receive merch I already own, so I'm cool with it tbh (expect these to pop up as 'giveaways' at some point on my socials). I also think it would be a great way to build up your collection if you're just starting off, but if you're like me and already have most everything Fallout, you may want to skip this one.

Note: the Mystery Boxes are currently SOLD OUT but I feel like this is something that they'll probably keep in stock long term, as it can help them move merch that isn't selling (or just overstock) 😜 so if you're interested in possibly picking up future Mystery Boxes, make sure you sign up for their 'back-in-stock notifications'


This blog post is pretty much unchanged from what I had originally typed out, only real changes were editing out dead links and updating some of the product info. My 2024 thoughts: this was definitely a way for them to clear out dead stock 😅 which isn't necessarily a bad thing, because again, if you're new and building up your collection this would be a great way to start as long as you're okay receiving merch from different series. Otherwise, skip it as you might get stuck with stuff you don't want at all 🙅‍♀️ personally, I'm not a fan of mystery boxes or whatever you wanna call it, and I only picked this one up to review because it wasn't expensive. I'm actually surprised they never brought these back and it was a one-off thing LOL because it seems like plenty of people are into the mystery box stuff (see: LootCrate).

Did you also buy one of these, if yes what did you end up getting and what do you think of the value? Yay or nay? Is this something you'd like to see Bethesda Gear bring back? If you do your own throwback merch post, please tag or mention me I'd love to see!!

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