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Fallout Merch Roundup - August 2020

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

This is a monthly series of posts covering the latest releases, pre-order list sorted by release date, and hot deals of the week!! Use the gallery navigation to view all photos, and check the retailer sites for additional photos and general product information. Release dates are subject to change. All prices listed are USD unless otherwise stated. If you spot any new merchandise I haven't featured yet, get in touch via e-mail using the social links on the top of my page.

I'm a Gear Ambassador for Bethesda Gear so full disclosure: all links to their site are affiliate links, and I will earn a small commission if you follow through with a purchase. I also have a referral link (<-- click me) through their Gear Rewards program where you can get $10 off your purchase, and in return I'll earn points if you'd like to use that instead! Thanks for your continued support! ❤

This is a month late and I'm not apologizing for it either 😝 I ALMOST had all of it written up and good to go, but decided not to stress over it as I've been super busy with my partner as we just bought a house (!!!) so getting all that settled over the summer and having to move has been well, stressful. LMAO I'll do a blog post and go more into it later if y'all wanna read all about it, but for now here's a late merch roundup and I'll try to get September's up sometime this weekend if not by next week for sure! Thanks for understanding!


Mr. Pebbles Lamp by Bethesda Gear

The first cat launched into space 🚀🐱 now you can own a lamp and make it part of your IRL C.A.M.P.! He measures approximately 14" in height, with 2 color modes: yellow or white light with adjustable brightness. The actual lamp part is shaped like the moon, which is powered by USB or a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery. Polyresin material. You can pre-order your own for $70 on Bethesda Gear. ETA November 2020.

Nuka-Cola Air Freshener Set by Bethesda Gear

Nuka Cherry bottle rocket, Nuka-Cola vending machine (Fallout 4 style), and Nuka-Cola Quantum bottle cap air fresheners

I covered this in my Bethesda Gear Haul - June 2020 post on my blog, so please check it out for my initial thoughts, product details, and plenty of photos!! 🤗💖 $15 and available for purchase now on Bethesda Gear.

Drinks of Fallout Patch Set by Bethesda Gear

Embroidered patches featuring Vim!, Sunset Sarsparilla, Nuka-Cola Quantum, and Nuka-Cola logos from the Fallout series

I also covered this in my Bethesda Gear Haul - June 2020 post on my blog, so please check it out for my initial thoughts, product details, and plenty of photos!! 🤗💖 This goes perfectly with the Pioneer Scout Sling Pack, I hope they keep making these patch sets as I think they're really cool and it's cool being able to swap them out and arrange them how I like! $15 and available for purchase now on Bethesda Gear.

T-60 Helmet Pin of the Month by Bethesda Gear

This one's for the Paladin Danse fans 😉💖 this is a hinged, soft enamel pin featuring the iconic T-60 Power Armor helmet from Fallout 4, and when you open it up it reveals Paladin Danse's face and the signature Brotherhood of Steel logo on the underside of the power armor helmet! It measures approximately 1 3/4" (4.45cm) tall, with 1 butterfly clasp on the back, and is limited to 600 units so once it sells out that's it. $15 and available for purchase now on Bethesda Gear.

Pip-Boy 3D Wall Art by Bethesda Gear

Here's a neat, 3D wooden wall art based on the Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV as seen in Fallout 4! This measures approximately 14.5"W (36.83cm) x 11"H (27.94cm) x 1.3"D (3.302cm), and is made out of pine wood with lasuer etched details and 4C decals, with a matte varnish finish. 2 sturdy keyhole hangers in the back so it's ready for displaying on your walls! $75 and available for pre-order now on Bethesda Gear, ETA October 2020.

Vehicles of Fallout Poster by Bethesda Gear

Life is a highway~ 🚗💨 this 18" x 24" full color print poster (45cm x 60.96cm) features 8 vehicles as seen in the Fallout universe, which ones do you recognize? I think this one would be really cool to hang up in a garage or workshop! $25 and available for pre-order now on Bethesda Gear, ETA September 2020.

VBoTM - 71: Skeleton Glow T-Shirt by Bethesda Gear

It's time to get spooky 💀 with this month's entry in the 'Vault Boy of the Month' monthly t-shirt program~ remember that these are limited edition and a new design goes up every month with a pre-order period of 2 weeks only! The front features a greyscale Vault Boy with a specialty print showing a skeleton in glow-in-the-dark ink on 'ultra soft hand' short sleeve crew neck t-shirts. Available in Men's/Unisex S-3XL, and Women's S-2XL sizes. $25 and available for pre-order now on Bethesda Gear so you'll get it just in time for Halloween! 👻🎃🦇

Nuka Shine Tap Handle by Bethesda Gear

Here's one for my fellow beer lovers 🍻💖 a wooden tap handle featuring the art deco 'The Nuka Shine' artwork, perfect for your home bar! The handle measures approximately 10"H (25.4cm) x 2.5"W (6.35cm) x .75"D (1.91cm), featuring a full color UV digital imprint with a white gloss finish over a durable MDF handle. Easily screws on with a silver-plated connector. $35 and available now on Bethesda Gear.

Nuka-Cola Ad T-Shirt by Bethesda Gear

How cute is this vintage style Nuka-Cola ad t-shirt?! 😍💖 The graphic on the front features Vault Boy with a bottle rocket style Nuka-Cola, and Fallout text logo below the collar on the back on super soft tri-blend t-shirts. Available in Men's/Unisex sizes S-3XL. $25 and available now on Bethesda Gear.

T-45 NCR Salvaged Power Armor Figure by ThreeZero

This is the last piece of merch for this roundup post, and since it's extra special it gets a biiiiig photo. ThreeZero is back with their latest entry in their Fallout collectible figures, this time repping the T-45 Salvaged Power Armor as seen in Fallout: New Vegas! This would be a great opportunity for those who missed the original T-45 run, and how cool is it that it's something from New Vegas?! 🤯😱 Pictured is a prototype image, so the final product may vary, but I also recommend viewing ALL the photos on ThreeZero's site so you can really appreciate this! Plus they have like 50 photos and honestly I didn't feel like including every single on here, so please just go to their site haha

For those who aren't familiar with this particular figure line, these are 1:6 scale figures that stand 14.5" or 36.8 cm tall and are fully-articulated with over 35 points of articulation including fingers. The armor pieces can be interchanged with all current and future (!!!) 1:6 scale Fallout figures with a detailed endoskeleton, and an exchangeable male head (this particular one is based of Nate or the Male Sole Survivor from Fallout 4). The helmet features a light-up LED function (batteries not included) and also includes the Mini Gun weapon as pictured. WHEW. So, if it's not obvious this isn't a regular figure or a toy, and because of that it does come at a steeper price tag for the collectors with some serious cash to throw around.

$398 and available for pre-order through Bethesda Gear OR you can order it directly from ThreeZero, ETA Q1 2021. Note: if you pre-order through Bethesda Gear you can only purchase this 1 at a time, and this can be the only item in your cart at checkout!


Available for Pre-Order (listed by ETA)


Thanks for reading, if you found this helpful and informative please 'heart' the post, leave a comment, and share it with your friends!! Did you buy anything? I'd love to see, please tag me in your haul posts 👀🛍 If you have a question about any merch items not covered in this post, leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Don't forget to follow me on my socials for the latest updates, all the click-y links are at the top of the page. See y'all in my next blog post, take care and stay safe out there in the wasteland! ❤


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