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Creator: Bethesda Gear


Where to Purchase: Bethesda Gear

Character & Series: The Tops Casino from Fallout: New Vegas

Merchandise Information: This set includes a standard 52 card deck featuring various Vault Boy and Vault Girl illustrations on the front of selected cards,  and 'The Tops Hotel & Casino' artwork on the back. It also includes 1 dealer token that's approximately 2", embossed on both sides with 'The Tops Hotel & Casino on one face, and 'Vault Boy with Chips' artwork on the other face


Personal Thoughts: I'll be honest I wasn't set on getting this until I saw photos of the packaging LOL I think it looks great to display as-is, I maybe went a little overboard getting photos of this just in case it helps change someone else's mind about picking this up, haha. I really wish companies would showcase the packaging more as it can totally help sell the product 🤷‍♀️


Anyways, I've lost count as to how many packs of Fallout playing cards I own but this is a really cute set and I love the Vault Boy and Vault Girl artwork! The dealer's coin is very detailed and also hefty as hell, I'm pretty sure it would hurt if you threw it at someone. I think it's a great lil' set if you're looking for something different, also here's to hoping that we see the other casinos repped on official merch!

Note: Shop link listed is an affiliate link ✌❤ so if you follow through with a purchase I'll earn a small commission. Thanks for your support!

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