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Variation: Vault 13 Jumpsuit

Debuted: WonderCon 2014

Construction Notes: For Version 1.0 I originally used Kwik Sew 3104 for the top, and for the bottom I purchased a back seam only unitard on eBay, cut it up, and traced it onto pattern paper. I then combined the two and made mockup patterns to adjust as needed. The '13' on the back is stenciled using fabric paint, I did a a few coats of white as a base.

My progress log with detailed construction notes and progress photos for Version 1.0 can be found on my blog! Progress log for Version 2.0 is coming soon, and hopefully I can do a vlog for Version 3.0 haha.

Personal Thoughts: This is Version 1.0 that I wore from WonderCon 2014 to Comikaze Expo 2015, Version 2.0 onward will have a separate costume entry. THIS COSTUME IS MY BABY. Gotta rep the Holy Thirteen! I continue to revise the pattern because I want to perfect it, when I could be working on jumpsuits from the modern games but... nah. LOL Pretty much immediately after I finished New Vegas, I went straight to Fallout 1 because I needed more Fallout, and I knew that the Vault 13 jumpsuit had to be the very first costume I made from the series.

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