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Sunset Sarsaparilla Premium Bottle Opener by Fanattik

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

'This Fanattik heavy duty, metal opener is magnetic for easy storage on the fridge door after use.'

This is the only information on this product, believe it or not. LMAO 🙈 Don't worry, I'll feed you baby birds~ $15.99 and available for pre-order on Zavvi US, with an ETA of July 31st, 2022.


I'm partnered with various retailers so if you're looking to buy some merch please consider making a purchase using the affiliate links listed on my SHOP page, as I'll earn a small commission which will be used to create more content. Have $3 to spare? Tips via Ko-Fi will help keep me fueled ☕🤗 Any level of support is much appreciated, even if it's as simple as liking, commenting, and sharing my content, and just clicking on the links helps me out a ton! Thank you so much for your continued support!

Disclaimer time: this is 100% purchased by me and this post contains affiliate links but Fanattik and/or Zavvi wants\ to throw me a bone for doing all this work I won't complain hehe. 👉👈🥺


As usual, we'll start with the packaging!

Not pictured: the plastic wrap 😂 so yes, it does come in a plastic wrap if you're worried about it getting scratched up or whatever. You're good, no worries there. Cute card backing, the bottle opener attaches with black twist ties, I'm surprised my cat hasn't come into my office to zero in on that shit because she goes crazy for those things.

I figured the actual bottle opener part would be metal, but not the entire thing so that's pretty cool?! This is heavy with a nice weight to it, the logo also being molded is pretty neat, as with other bottle openers, like with the Nuka-Cola ones typically they only screen print the logo. It's a really nice deep gold and deep red colors.

And of course it's a blue star cap 🌟💙 who else got spooked by Malcom Holmes when you found your first star cap?! That guy, I swear. Anyways, you can see it has two bottle opener types, the pop and twist off versions, the little circles on the sides are the magnets so you can stick this baby on your fridge or whenever really. (provided that it's a magnetic surface, of course)

Now to answer the biggest question I had about this product: HOW BIG IS IT?! 😂😅 I figured it was the same size as official Nuka-Cola bottle openers, which is 3"... as it turns out, this is slightly smaller coming in at a diameter of 2.75". So there you have it! (Small) bottlecaps are mine and not for sale, for illustration purposes only~

Here is it pictured with another magnetic bottle opener, which is also 2.75" in diameter. You can get that one (barrel shaped) for only $6.29 on Zavvi US, using my code 'SHII10'! Please note that my discount code doesn't work on pre-order stuff 😅 but you can save $$ on pretty much everything else, as usual get in touch with me if you have any issues using my affiliate links or codes.


This is a great lil' gift for any Fallout: New Vegas fan, plus you gotta love merch that's also practical 👍 I do wish it were a tad bit bigger, but the fact that the whole thing is metal easily makes up for it IMHO. Here's an idea: how about Nuka-Cola Quantum next?! I would buy a whole damn set of Fallout bottlecap themed bottle openers tbh 😅💙

Okay, so to recap this is $15.99 with an ETA of July 31st, 2022 and available for pre-order through Zavvi US. You can wait until it drops so you can get 10% off using my code 'SHII10' but I have to stress that I only get credit for the sale if you use my tracking link, so please make sure you use my tracking link. I've already missed a few sales because people only used the code, but didn't purchase it using my tracking link. 😢💔 If you'd like to shop everything Fallout on Zavvi US, click here!

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