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Mass Effect Merch Roundup - Sanshee Spring Special 2022

Yes, Sanshee gets their own posts (posts, even!!) because I love them that much hehe. 🥺💖 I found them while scrambling to find Mass Effect merch when I first got into the fandom uh, 2017...? 2018...? It feels like a lifetime ago LOL but man, it was kinda slim pickings back then. I'm glad there's so much more to choose from now, even though it's bad for my wallet, haha. Anyways, they make some really cool stuff and hope that you will too if you're not familiar with their products, or see what you might have missed as it can be overwhelming to keep up with new releases, trust me I know how it is haha. I'll be covering previous releases in future blog posts, so keep an eye out for that as well! 👀


This is a monthly series of posts covering the latest releases, pre-order list sorted by release date, and hot deals of the week!! 🤑🔥 Release dates are subject to change and prices are listed are USD unless otherwise stated. If you spot any new merchandise I haven't featured yet, get in touch via e-mail using the social links on the top of my page.

I'm partnered with various retailers so this post will contain affiliate links and discount codes, if you enjoy my content please consider making a purchase using them as I'll earn a small commission which will be used to create more content. Even just clicking on the links helps me out a ton, thank you so much for your support!

I have a 20% off discount code for BioWare Gear that's good for regular priced items and will be noted with a **20% off discount code eligible** tag, and if you're a new customer to BioWare Gear use my referral link where you can take $15 off your first purchase of $70, and in return I'll earn points! If you're shopping at Sanshee, use my referral to get $5 off when you spend $30 or more!

BOOKMARK MY SHOP PAGE for the latest discount codes and promos as it changes weekly, please note that pre-orders and sale items are excluded!!



Hello, I am crazy for stickers so I had to get the entire set plus an extra set, because hey, why not!! All of these have a bit of a glossy or shiny finish btw! I think it's a bit hard to tell in photos, but I can confirm it haha. I should also add that the Garrus, Tali, and Mordin stickers all have matching enamel pins and/or plushies as well. I'll cover those in future blog posts~ anyways, each sticker is $5!

N7 Emblem Transparent .9"H x 2.33"W

Garrus Retro 2.1"H x 1.6"W

Tali'Zorah 2.45"H x 1.6"W

Mordin Solus 2.3"H x 1.10"W

Tali'Zorah Crew Socks & Knee Socks

Socks? Yes please. 🧦💜 I can't get enough of this Tali Zorah print, so putting it on socks?! Fucking genius. I'm super picky when it come to gaming or novelty socks in general 😅 you ever buy socks that just feel, I dunno cheap and scratchy and/or super thin that you know you'll end up tossing them later? I HATE THAT. I can honestly say that these are some really nice fuckin' quality socks and I'm very happy with them. It's a OSFM kinda deal fitting up to women's size 10 and men's 8.5, made of 76% combed cotton/10% spandex/9% nylon/5% elastic. $12.99 for the crew socks and $14.99 for the knee socks.

Bless Sanshee for offering another style other than a unisex crewneck!! 🙏😭 It's exactly as pictured, and super soft and comfy I pretty much only have hoodies haha, so I'm so excited to have a sweater to add to my Mass Effect wardrobe! The sizing runs a bit small, so if you want a normal/regular fit definitely order a size up or stick with the unisex crewneck. I got a Small when I usually wear XS/S depending on the brand (or what's offered LOL) and I love the fit and it fits nicely, perfect for lounging around at home or wherever. Nice print quality, and the quality of the sweater is nice too, it's on the thinner side (great if you want a lightweight to mid coverage) but super soft. The women's crewneck is 50% polyester/37.5% cotton/12.5% rayon blend, while the unisex crewneck is 48% polyester/52% cotton blend. $49.99 each.


Reminder that if you see something you like, use my referral to get $5 off your purchase of $30 or more! I'll also get $5 off my next purchase so it's win-win for everybody YAY!! 🥳🎉

Thanks for reading, if you found this helpful and informative please 'heart' the post, leave a comment, and share it with your friends!! Did you purchase anything listed here? I'd love to see, please tag me in your haul posts 👀🛍 Follow me on my socials for the latest updates, all the click-y links are at the top of the page. See you in my next blog post! ❤

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