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Fallout Merch Roundup - March 2023

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

This is a monthly series of posts covering the latest releases, pre-order list sorted by release date, and hot deals of the week!! 🤑🔥 Release dates are subject to change and prices are listed are USD unless otherwise stated. If you spot any new merchandise I haven't featured yet, get in touch via e-mail using the social links on the top of my page.

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Pip-Boy 2000 MK IV Vault-Tec Limited Edition by The Wand Company

Unless I completely missed it, I believe this is the only new product that launched for the month of March so I think it's fine it gets its own post, right?? 😆 At a glance this is all you'll be receiving: 1 Pip-Boy 2000 MK VI replica in a Vault-Tec variant paint scheme, 1 Holotape, 1 Vault-Tec branded screwdriver, 1 operating manual, and 1 certificate of authenticity all housed inside of a custom branded box. I don't have any personal thoughts to add as I have one of these arriving in the mail soon so I'll save it for that ✌🤓 I think the official product listing information does a great job of covering all the specifics and technical stuff anyways, so it's all added below!

Also in case you missed this release via Bethesda Gear, it's currently available at BigBadToyStore for $179.99 and qualifies for their $4 flat rate shipping! They also ship worldwide, just add it to your cart and select your country to get shipping options 👍 and for anyone wondering or asking if BBTS is ✨ legit ✨ yes they are, I can vouch for them and I've been a customer for like 20 years now LOL so buy from them with confidence!!



Limited Edition

- Only 2,200 worldwide

- Individually-numbered

- Includes Certificate of Authenticity

- Vault-Tec™ skin

- Fully-Assembled

- Light-up display

- Button on top box powers up display and vacuum tubes

- Display screen lights up and vacuum tubes illuminate (with metal spring filament inside)

- Display and vacuum tubes periodically flicker, replicating a loose internal connection – tapping the top of the Pip-Boy “cures” the flickering

- Battery-Powered

- 3 x AAA batteries are included (isolated with pull tab)

- Unit is supplied with reversible (flat and cross-head) Vault-Tec screwdriver, to be used to open the battery compartment

- Printed

- Decoration has been improved using printing instead of stickers and adding an in-universe display bezel keyline in corresponding variant color

- Created by The Wand Company

- Product color may vary from the images shown due to monitor display variance.



This Vault-Tec™ skinned Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI is a replica model of the pre-war Personal Information Processor (PIP) manufactured by RobCo Industries as an updated version of the Pip-Boy 2000. Designed to be worn on the forearm, this Pip-Boy was the last word in convenience, enabling vault dwellers to keep track of their personal stats and inventory on the go. The Mk VI model was only made available to residents and staff of Vault 76.

Until recently, this replica had only been available as a kit, but recent developments in manufacturing capability have enabled RobCo Industries and Vault-Tec™ Corporation to collaborate on the production of this assembled version. The iconic Vault-Tec™ blue and yellow livery with Vault-Tec™ roundel and vibrant yellow accent piping round the display housing, mark this Pip-Boy out from the traditional version more commonly seen in the Wasteland.

The enjoyment of a replica piece this accurate is increased by its illuminated display panel and glowing vacuum tubes, which, fitted as standard, feature a Malfunction Function™ with an authentic Tap-to-Fix™ action. When illuminated for a period of time, the display and vacuum tubes will start to flicker, simulating the erratic function of this well-used piece of field kit. In the time-honoured tradition of fixing such transient electronic faults, a sharp tap to the top of the display housing unit is all that is normally required to correct this minor malfunction and return the display to its flicker-free function.

This collectible Vault-Tec™ skinned Pip-Boy replica is a strictly limited edition. Only 2,200 units have been manufactured. Each one is marked with its own unique number and comes with a specially designed certificate of authenticity endorsed by The Wand Company.




Press button on top of device to activate illuminated screen and vacuum tubes. Screen and tubes flicker occasionally, simulating erratic behaviour, tap top of screen monitor housing to stop flickering.


Geiger counter knob rotates with quarter rotation detents for accurate feel, and Geiger counter function select buttons press with sprung soft-touch feel.

Rotating radio tuning knob moves dial pointer up and down radio dial, and radio switch clicks back and forth.

Holotape player deck opens as side buttons are depressed and unit is pulled down, revealing a holotape insertion slot, holotape tape protector slider slides back and forth.

Soft fabric cuff tightness is adjusted for a secure, comfortable fit by releasing buckle lever and pulling fabric strap through buckle to reduce or increase its length.

Screwdriver blade can be removed from the handle and reversed to utilize either crosshead or flat head tips.


Each Pip-Boy has its unique serial number laser etched into the aluminium specification plate located on top of the Geiger counter housing




Pip-Boy: ABS injection moulded engineering plastic, self-colored with painted detail and transfer markings, Eastman Tritan™ water-clear copolyester display monitor screen, rubber modified plastic for cabling, silicone rubber belt for radio dial drive, aluminium pressed and machined metal vacuum tube grille and holo tape chassis, aluminium specification plate, printed in monochrome and laser etched with unique serial number, stainless steel nuts bolts and screws, woven man-made fibre strap webbing and sewn padded flock material cuff. Three AAA alkaline (LR03) batteries (included). Fluted cardboard merchandising box, with in-universe labelling and graphic printing.

Holotape: ABS injection moulded plastic, self-coloured with silver detail printing, chrome plated steel screws.

Reversible screwdriver: ABS injection self-colored moulded plastic handle with yellow painted detail, plated steel crosshead and flathead blade.



Pip-Boy maximum dimensions:

- 210 x 175 x 160 mm / 652 g

- 8.3 x 6.9 x 6.3 in / 23 oz

Holotape dimensions:

- 75 x 48 x 6 mm/ 19 g

- 2.95" x 1.9" x 0.24"/0.67 oz

Reversible screwdriver dimensions:

- 128 x 7 x 7 mm / 17g

- 5 x 0.28 x 0.28 in / 0.6 oz


Available for Pre-Order (listed by ETA)


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