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Fallout Merch Roundup 09/22/19-09/28/19

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

This is a weekly-ish series of posts covering the latest releases, pre-order list sorted by release date, and hot deals of the week!! Use the gallery navigation to view all photos, and check the retailer sites for additional photos and general product information. Release dates are subject to change. All prices listed are USD unless otherwise stated. If you spot any new merchandise I haven't featured yet, get in touch via e-mail using the social links on the top of my page.

I'm a Gear Ambassador for Bethesda Gear so full disclosure: all links to their site are affiliate links, and I will earn a small commission if you follow through with a purchase. I also have a referral link (<-- click me) through their Gear Rewards program where you can get $10 off your purchase, and in return I'll earn points if you'd like to use that instead! Thanks for your continued support! ❤

It's a short one this week, but I'm expecting things to ramp up in October leading up to The Great War Week (the week of the 23rd), with the holiday season following right after that!


VBotM: Curator T-Shirt by Bethesda Gear

It belongs in a museum! 🤓 A new month, another perk t-shirt and this time it's for the Curator Perk where it doubles the length of time that magazine and bobblehead effects last. They're also doing a special promo where you can add a Charisma bobblehead for $5 during check out! $25, pre-order now on Bethesda Gear. ETA November 2019

So what the hell is the Vault Boy of the Month program? It's Bethesda Gear's monthly program where they release a limited edition t-shirt with a matching sticker that's available for one week only. A new design goes up every last Tuesday of the month and orders close the following Tuesday at 11pm EST, available in Men's/Unisex S-3XL and Women's S-2XL sizes.

Railroad, Institute, Minutemen Faction Flags by Bethesda Gear

Even more faction flags~ these flags measure 3' x 5' featuring a design on one side and are made of 100% polyester. Flags have 3 grommets perfect for hanging. 👌 $15 each, ETA October 2019 you can pre-order these and shop their current faction flag selection (New California Republic, Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave) on Bethesda Gear.

Vault Boy Chemist, Demolition Expert, Goat Legs Vinyl Figures by Culture Fly

Did you pick up any of the Fallout Collectible Boxes by Culture Fly they released starting last year? Here's your chance to add more perk figures to your collection, these are 8" tall and are $10 each! ETA October 2019, shop links below through Bethesda Gear:

Wasteland Warfare: Wasteland Vermin & Ghouls by Modiphius Entertainment

This one's for the tabletop gaming fanatics! Please note that you'll need the Raider Wave Expansion Card Pack to use these models! Wasteland Vermin contains 9 unpainted 32mm scale resin creatures: 3 Molerats and 6 Radroaches and will run you $34. The ghouls boxed set contains 5 pieces consisting of: 1 Bloated Glowing One, 1 Putrid Glowing One, 3 Ghouls and will run you $36. ETA November 2019 for both sets, use the links below to pre-order on Bethesda Gear:

PRICE DROP! Monthly Tee from the Vault Blind Box Sale by Bethesda Gear

Try your luck! Get a random t-shirt from one of 12 designs in the Monthly Tee from the Vault collection! Fallout print on the front with the Fallout logo on the back, each t-shirt comes in a specialty Vault Boy box and a custom matching sticker! Available in Men's/Unisex Sizes S, M, XL, 2XL, and 3XL, and Women's S-2XL! $15 on Bethesda Gear!

COMING SOON! NCR Veteran Ranger Backpack from Bethesda Gear

This one's due for release next month and will run you $60 so keep an eye out! If y'all wanna keep seeing New Vegas merch, keep requesting and more importantly keep buying!! 👀💸


Available for Pre-Order (listed by ETA)

Hot Deals of the Week (original prices are in parenthesis)


Thanks for reading, if you found this helpful and informative please 'heart' the post, leave a comment, and share it with your friends!! Did you buy anything? I'd love to see, please tag me in your haul posts 👀🛍 If you have a question about any merch items not covered in this post, leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Don't forget to follow me on my socials for the latest updates, all the click-y links are at the top of the page. See y'all in my next blog post, take care and stay safe out there in the wasteland! ❤

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