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Fallout at Best Buy 03/27/19

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I usually hit up the Best Buy at Westfield Culver City, but I was out with my mom yesterday and the one on Pico Blvd (address: 11301 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064) was on the way back home, so I figure why not stop by and see what I can find?

MOST of the Fallout stuff was together in the same area, so here's a shelf with some of the bigger boxed items and the Tricentennial blanket. All of these items are on sale, except the board game for $59.99 and tbh I don't see it going on sale ever, so you may want to pick it up from somewhere else if you're looking for it a bit cheaper. The Wasteland Survival and Nuka-Cola bundles are $29.99 each, I thought it was interesting that they didn't have security tags on them :o but this BB seemed a lot nicer than others I've been to, so as always just remember to double check the contents to confirm everything is in there! I also have unboxing videos for said bundles on my YouTube if you'd like to check them out! The bobbleheads are Vault 111 and on sale for $9.99, it'll tell you on the box which one is included so if anyone's been looking for the Moving Target one it's right there in front. :p I didn't think to check what was in the other box, sorry! This is the first time I've seen the blanket in store and wow, it's super soft!! I was very tempted to get it but I don't need another throw blanket ^^; if you'r thinking about getting it... JUST DO IT! On sale for $19.99.

On the top shelf they had these Vault Boy keychains for $7.99 each and I dunno... I think they're really expensive for what they are, and they're kinda flimsy IMHO? ^^; This isn't something on my 'omg gotta have it now' list, maybe if they go on clearance and are discounted half off or something. I do like that they kept the plastic wrap on, but I think that's more because it's a hassle to unwrap versus wanting to keep it nice haha.

I finally found this pin badge set in store, yay!! :D This was on the middle shelf, still with the Vault Boy keychains and bigger boxed items. It is full price though, I'm still kicking myself that I didn't pick it up when it was $5 on BB's site, haha I just thought it would stay discounted ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I bought one so I can compare this to the limited S.P.E.C.I.A.L. enamel pins I got from The Bethesda Store (before they relaunched as Bethesda Gear), and I mean $15 for a set of 7 enamel pins is still a really good deal IMHO.

I checked the rest of the gaming/toys section and found the Mega Merg Nick Valentine figure next to Sora and Junkrat, haha. He's $9.99, and reminder that the Female Vault Dweller is now available for purchase on GameStop, and Series 3 of the Mega Merge figures is coming soon! I should probably post another reminder about those... ^^;

Also, for anyone looking for the Collector's Edition of the Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide, this was found in the same section I found Nick. They had a few copies and there wasn't a price tag listed, but it says they're $49.99 online sooo we'll go with that.

If any of my friends or followers live in/around the West LA area of SoCal and have been looking for any of these merch items, you might want to visit this Best Buy and as an added bonus its cross street is Sawtelle Blvd so if you're looking for yummy food and/or a Daiso it's just down the street hehe. This is also one of the nicer stores I've been into, everything was pretty neat and orderly, and the merch items looked to be in pretty nice condition, the Wasteland Survival Bundles at the BB in Westfield Culver City were really beat up, dusty, and dingy lol :U Alternately, you could also purchase most (if not all) of these items on their online store.

Thanks for reading! Please 'heart' this post and leave a comment, I'd love to know which merch item(s) you also have or which ones you'd love to add to your collection! If you have any questions just let me know in the comments and I'll get back to you as soon as I can, and don't forget to follow me on my social media~ click-y links are at the top of the page. See y'all in my next blog post! <3

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