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Variation: Red

Debuted: TitanCon 2017

Construction Notes: I used a 'Meruhen Maid' from iDOLM@STER pattern as a base, using poplin flatlined with cotton fabric and batting sewn into the puff sleeves. The apron design is kind of infuriating lmao, so I might do it differently later and with a fixed bow in the back. For the head wrap, I just kinda fudged it until I got something I was mostly satisfied with.

Personal Thoughts: I originally made this to go with Varnani's Lisa Lisa, we still haven't had the opportunity to wear these costumes together, but hopefully soon. I'd still like to fix this up a bit too and add a few personal touches anyways. I'm still new to the series but I've already fallen in love with Suzi Q because she's adorable! 

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