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Variation: Casual/Disneybound

Debuted: WonderCon 2018

Construction Notes: The lettering on the crop top is done using heat transfer vinyl, and the circle skirt is a galaxy print spandex purchased on Spoonflower. The wig started off as a really frizzy dark peachy pink, and I cut, styled, and hand-colored it using Copic markers to match my in-game Ryder as best as I could get it with my limited wig styling skills. Backpack and Field Guide is official, and mouse ears made by me.

Personal Thoughts: Uhh, so I'm in the minority but I really loved Andromeda and I just wanted some silly, casual costume for funsies but I'd still like to make some of the in-game outfits as well! The crop top is totally inspired by those 'World's Okayest (Insert Family Member)' here type shirts I've seen online, because I feel it's totally appropriate for Ryder LMAO

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