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Variation: Kotobukiya Bishoujo

Debuted: WonderCon 2016

Construction Notes: This all 4-way black metallic stretch spandex from Yaya Han's Cosplay Fabrics line (can I get a sponsorship LMAO). I don't even remember what base pattern I used for the leotard, but it too so many mockups for me to be satisfied with it, ugh. The base boot covers also took a lot of trial and error, and my mistake was not putting elastic for the arm and leg bands, I got too swole so they have to be remade. Oops. The wig is my first lace front, and purchased from WigIsFashion

Personal Thoughts: It's no secret, I love the Kotobukiya Bishoujo designs, and Psylocke's always been one of my favorite mutants ever since I was a kid. Hopefully next time I can get photos with the katana prop I bought, I didn't bring it to the con because I didn't wanna chance it with their prop policies.

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