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Variation: School Uniform

Debuted: December 2016

Construction Notes: I made the bow and the skirt, fabric designed by Sparkle Pipsi and available for purchase on her SpoonFlower, she also has tutorials on her site if you'd like to make your own! The blazer is from French Toast (I swapped out the buttons), loafers are from Payless, and I found the cardigan on eBay I think. It was so difficult to find a pink cardigan and plain ol' white button down shirt!! The ponytail clips are from FantasySheep (rip in peace), but I took them apart and made adjustments so I don't have GIANT ASS clips on the sides of my head, I'll update this when I've made a tutorial!! The base wig is from Arda Wigs, seriously bless Arda for having a color that matched my ponytail clips perfectly so I didn't have to buy new ones.

Personal Thoughts: I fucking love Nico, she's the best and I knew instantly that she was going to be my favorite. <3 I'm so glad Varnani and I had so much fun wearing our costumes at Anime LA 2019, I just hate that the skirts got a bit wrinkly because of the rain! ARGH! But we had so much fun, the costumes were comfy to wear, and I had fellow con goers complimenting me saying I'm the perfect Nico because I'm tiny like her lmao 🥺❤

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