Mami Futami from The IDOLM@STER

Variation: Check My Note

Debuted: Anime Expo 2017

Construction Notes: CherryTeaGirl sent me her patterns to use as a base, and it helped a A LOT with my pattern mockups as we're about the same size. She also made the bows, boot covers, and gold bias tape. I should add that all of the bias tape is sewn on properly, which added to my stress in getting this costume done on time. lmao Also, matching plaids on the top was absolute hell when you're working with limited yardage. Resin hearts provided by NyuNyu and fabric plaid fabric designed by Maryssa.

Personal Thoughts: I was asked to join this cosplay group kind of last minute lmao, so it was pretty stressful trying to get this done on time even with Cherry helping by making the accessories. She's the best!! <3 This is such a cute costume and it was really fun hanging out and getting photos with everyone, it was also my first time returning to AX after several years so that was interesting. lol