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Variation: Burger Skater

Debuted: LA Cosplay Con 2015

Construction Notes: Originally, CherryTeaGirl and I purchased our costumes but later on I ended up completely remaking mine, it all started because I couldn't fit into the shirt. ^^; This is one of those costumes that looks deceptively simple because of the clean lines. I followed patterns from Angel Hearts, all of the white bias tape is hand sewn as I wanted super clean construction. The shoes are painted using acrylic paints. Base wig and ponytail clip (that I resized, tutorial coming soon~) purchased from Epic Cosplay, since I had to match my twin of course! xD I found the burger lunch bag at Target and I use it to store the accessories when I'm travelling with this costume!

Personal Thoughts: This costume set is sooo fucking adorable, I really wish I had the roller skates but knowing me it's probably for the best because I'd fall flat on my face. lmao I'm gonna die in idol cosplay hell and I'm 100% totally fine with that because I'm a sucker for cute ass costumes.

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