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Variation: Kotobukiya Bishoujo

Debuted: WonderCon 2015

Construction Notes: I made the jacket and shorts from scratch, PVC is awful to work with so I couldn't add all the detail I wanted, but at least it's shiny! I opted to modify a camisole instead of wearing a tube top out of preference, as I dunno I think tube tops are kinda ugly haha. Plus I didn't want to worry about it sliding or shifting. I modified a pair of shoulder gloves for the glove and bracer, I made the belt, and the pink shades and Converse hi-tops were sourced online.

Personal Thoughts: My first ever Kotobukiya Bishoujo cosplay, I've always loved Jubilee and she was the one who really called to me when I started getting into X-Men (and comics in general) as a kid. This is the first of many Jubilee cosplays I have planned~ <3

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