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Variation: Default Skin

Debuted: Comikaze Expo 2016, BlizzCon 2017

Construction Notes: My bodysuit for V1.0 was purchased from HerosTime, headset and light gun purchased on Etsy. V2.0 was purchased on Taobao (thanks Saku <3), headset by Echo. I cut and styled a Ferrari in Mahogany from Arda Wigs, I recommend this particular color to my fellow D.Va cosplayers!! Even though I purchased my costumes, they still needed a bit of work, haha. Buying pre-made doesn't necessarily mean it'll be great right out of the box. The 'face doritos' are stenciled on using Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, and whatever hot pink eye shadow I have in my Coastal Scents palette.

Personal Thoughts: I had so many friends asking me when I was going to cosplay her, even before I picked up the game, haha. I still have WAY more hours as Mercy but I still love D.Va too and her design called to me the most. One of my fave memories was when a 9-10 year old girl came up to me and asked me to take a selfie with her, she even wanted me to take the selfie for her lmao, but of course that wasn't a problem as D.Va is a selfie pro hehe. ;3

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