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Variation: Fatigues

Debuted: Comikaze Expo 2016

Construction Notes: The only part I made from scratch was the vest, which is lined with batting to make it look more legit, I even set metal snaps that are functional, the pockets are functional as well. The scarf was a VERY lucky find online, so I kinda went ham and bout like a yard and a half, so I can hoard it for later. The wraps are tea stained, boots weathered using acrylic paints. I used a Buttercup in 'Sandy' from Arda Wigs and cut/styled it, I'll have to restyle it as the curls didn't set properly.

Personal Thoughts: Des is a character very dear to my heart for many reasons, and I've already cosplayed as a Synth so it shouldn't be too surprising that I had to cosplay as Des as well haha. I also managed to get a TON of great shots at a local cosplay gathering which I wasn't expecting at all, so thank you to everyone who took photos of me! 

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