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Creator: The Wand Company


Where to Purchase: GameStop

Character & Series: Slocum's Joe Fusion Flea from Fallout 

Merchandise Information: 1:18 scale die cast replica with all the bells and whistles.


Personal Thoughts: It has a metallic pink paint job and has the Slocum's Joe donut mascot sitting in back, what's not to like? 🍩💖 I skipped out on the other Fusion Flea releases, but definitely had to get this one because it's so cute, this one doesn't come with a matching enamel pin BUT! It does come with a pink manual and vintage postcard which is just as neat IMHO. I didn't get photos of the packaging, but it's equally cute and I gotta hand it to The Wand Company because they definitely know what they're doing with these releases! I hope too see more quality Fallout replicas from them in the future!

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