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Creator: Unknown

Where to Purchase: stagsshop on IG (private purchase)

Character & Series: Vault Boy from Fallout

Merchandise Information: 5 3/4" tall poly resin bobblehead


Personal Thoughts: A follower of mine found A TON of these at a local thrift shop, I was curious as it reminds me a lot of the bobblehead that came with the FO3 Collector's/Survival Edition, except this is much sturdier. It's got a good bit of weight to it which makes it feel legit... buuut Vault Boy has a bit of a tan going on (lol) and there's no backstamp/imprint/sticker or anything on the bottom of the base. Maybe these are legit but they're rejects so that's why they ended up in a thrift shop? Who knows! If anything it's neat to have even though the tan does make him stick out in my Vault Boy figure/bobblehead section of my display case. lol

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