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Creator: Bethesda Gear


Where to Purchase: Bethesda Gear (Store Front)

Character & Series: Vault Boy based on the Vault-Tec University statue as seen in Fallout 76

Merchandise Information: 8" tall, made out of polyresin, and weighing in at 700 grams (a.k.a. this shit his HEAVY). Also limited to 500 pieces, individually numbered on the bottom of the statue. 


Personal Thoughts: When I played the beta I made it to Vault-Tec University and took a buuunch of selfies while posing by the statue, haha. I think it's really cute, the faux stone finish is a nice touch, and I also really like the packaging. I'm also not joking when I said it's heavy, I'm pretty sure you could knock someone out with this thing!

Note: I'm a Gear Ambassador for Bethesda Gear so if you follow through with a purchase using the link above I'll earn a small commission. Thanks for your support!

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