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Creator: Kstarrlynn Pins


Where to Purchase: Kstarrlynn (Etsy)

Character & Series: John Hancock from Fallout 4

Merchandise Information: 1.75" x 1.5" soft enamel pin on black metal with a black rubber clutch.


Personal Thoughts: I think this is still the ONLY fanmade enamel pin I've seen of Hancock, so of course I'm happy to have it in my collection! I currently have this on a pin board with my other pins, though I desperately need to upgrade and make a new one that's more sturdy! 😅 You might also be interested in checking out the pages I have for her Charon and Jingle Jangle Jingle enamel pins as well :) I also have her Raul Tejada pin, but still need to get photos!

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