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Creator: Hoagie Originals & Clay Graham Art


Where to Purchase: Hoagie Originals (Store Front) and 

ClayGrahamArt (Etsy)

Character & Series: Pimp-Boy 3 Billion from Fallout: New Vegas

Merchandise Information: 2" dual metal (silver and gold) with 3 clear gems and 3 variant screens, two posts with black rubber backers. Cripple variant is available through Clay Graham only, and map of New Vegas is available through Hoagie Originals only.


Personal Thoughts: THIS THING IS SO RIDICULOUS I FUCKING LOVE IT!! I'm also pretty sure that this is the heaviest pin in my entire enamel pin collection, haha (Update: this is no longer true, the Power Armor FiGPiN XL takes the cake)

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