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Creator: Fanattik


Where to Purchase: Fanattik (Site)

Character & Series: Various weapons from Fallout

Merchandise Information: 1.25"L pin badges based on the Deathclaw Gauntlet, Nuka Gun, Alien Blaster, Fat Man, Classic 10mm pistol, and Minigun. Each pin badge has an antique finish, with a single pin post and black rubber backing. Limited to 1,000 units worldwide.


Personal Thoughts: The amazing folks at Fanattik kindly sent this to me, thank you very much! This is a really neat pin set even if they're not weapons I use in game haha, I prefer shotguns tbh. 💥😉 I also like the packaging, the backing is actually velvet so it feels pretty ~*~fancy~*~ and you can keep it displayed as-is with the jewel case if you want. I think it would be cool to see more sets like this!

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