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Creator: Cassadilla.The.Raider


Where to Purchase: N/A

Character & Series: Slocum's Joe Fusion Flea from Fallout

Merchandise Information: 1.25" hard enamel with glitter and 2 pin posts with rubber clutches. Limited Edition of 100.


Personal Thoughts: Cassadilla mentioned wanting to send me something as a gift, and the only clue was that it would go with my Fusion Flea. I was so curious what it would be haha, but I wasn't expecting an enamel pin! It's so cute and I feel so honored that she waned to send me one for my collection! They turned out amazing, and she created them as the Slocum's Joe variant is the only one to NOT come with an enamel pin, and she's right it goes perfectly with my Fusion Flea. Thank you so much!! 🍩💖

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