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Nuka-Cola Blaster replica from Fallout 4 by FanWraps


Creator: FanWares


Where to Purchase: FanWraps (use Shii10% for 10% off your purchase)

Character & Series: Nuka-Cola Blaster from Fallout 4

Merchandise Information: 5.25″ x 3.25″made out of ABS plastic, the stand allows you to use the kickstand display or mount it on your wall


Personal Thoughts: It's probably not noticeable but I accidentally broke the nozzle part xD;; I was trying to remove the blaster from the stand and it accidentally snapped off, so pay attention and don't be a dumbass like me. 😫

You can use my discount code to save 10% and I'll also earn a small commission! Thanks for your support!

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