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Creator: Strawbearries (StrawbearryMilk)


Where to Purchase: Strawbearries (Etsy)

Character & Series: Embroidered patches featuring The Strip Casinos: Lucky 38, The Tops, Gomorrah, and The Ultra Luxe.

Merchandise Information: 3.5"-5" depending on the design, with an iron-on backing. Matching vinyl stickers also available, measuring 3.5"-4.75" depending on the design. Not sold individually and can only be purchased as a full set of 4 pieces.


Personal Thoughts: Uhh, this one was a no brainer 😝 I got a set of patches and stickers, and both are very nice quality! I'm not sure if I'll end up using the patches for anything so until I can decide on something they'll be on display in the NV section of my display cases! Youtube video review is also up on my channel if you'd like a closer look, feel free to check it out here!

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