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Creator: Just Toys, Intl


Where to Purchase: Hot Topic

Character & Series: Power Armor, Vault Boy from Fallout

Merchandise Information: 2"H plastic figure on a blue plastic keychain. 8 designs to collect, blind back packaging.


Personal Thoughts: I first spotted these at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles, CA back in November or December 2018. Later on, one of my followers philly_asquare sent me a bunch as part of a care package he sent me, thanks dude!! 🙇‍♀️💖 I did a YT video for these, you can check it out here or head over to my channel page here if you're interested!

Also, obviously I only have the Red X-01 pictured even though I own a few of these 😅 I might move this to the figures section later on if I get photos of the rest!

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