Vault Dweller from Fallout 1 cosplay, the iconic blue and yellow jumpsuit with green shrubs and plants in the background

Photo by Kris Z. at WonderCon 2014 which is one of my all-time favorite cosplay photos and the debut of my Vault Dweller from Fallout 1!

Welcome~ ( ・ω・)ノ


Quick updates for this month so far~

  • Fallout Merch Roundup - April 2021! See what new releases you may have missed this month

  • I've added a SHOP page to my site which has my affiliate links and you can shop all the new merch in one spot! Check it out!!

Just some small updates for now! I've unfortunately hit a creative block with YouTube videos last month so let's see if I can pick up where I left off. Wish me luck!

​❤ Shii