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Fallout Merch Roundup - January 2021

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

This is a monthly series of posts covering the latest releases, pre-order list sorted by release date, and hot deals of the week!! Use the gallery navigation to view all photos, and check the retailer sites for additional photos and general product information. Release dates are subject to change. All prices listed are USD unless otherwise stated. If you spot any new merchandise I haven't featured yet, get in touch via e-mail using the social links on the top of my page.

I'm a Gear Ambassador for Bethesda Gear so full disclosure: all links to their site are affiliate links, and I will earn a small commission if you follow through with a purchase. I also have a referral link (<-- click me) through their Gear Rewards program where you can get $10 off your purchase, and in return I'll earn points if you'd like to use that instead! Thanks for your continued support! ❤

We have another short one for this month, thank God because I did some heavy damage with Christmas shopping haha 🙈 I didn't pick up anything new this month, but the rest of my pre-orders finally came in so I'll have some reviews up soon, I'll also get back to cataloging merch for my collection too! You can check it out here if you like!


Vault-Tec Stash Box #005 by Bethesda Gear

It's baaa~ck, where you get 4 pieces of random Fallout gear valued at $60 for $30, in a handy 'My Stash Box' container from Fallout 76! I've noticed they've also upped the number of units to 700, so I'm not sure if these are getting more popular or if they're trying to offload excess merch. 😅 Which isn't necessarily a bad thing if you're looking to build up your collection, but for people like me who already have nearly everything you might wanna skip it. What's inside? You're getting 1 bobblehead, 1st dibs on 1 piece of merch that's yet to arrive on the Gear Store, 1 random enamel pin, and 1 random mystery item. Fellow wastelanders Funkensteensvault and Wastelandork have unboxing posts on their Instas if you'd like a peek at what's inside! I feel like it's worth it for the the first dibs item, but let me know what y'all think! $30 and available for purchase now on Bethesda Gear.

T-51 Blackbird Armor Pack by ThreeZero

ThreeZero is back with this armor pack as seen in Fallout 76! 🙌🖤 I'm going to stress that this doesn't include the collectible figure base, but this is an add-on. This pack is a 34 piece set you can use with all previous and future Threezero 1/6 scale Power Armor figures (it just keeps going!!), featuring a gorgeous matte black paint job with red accents, with a light up LED functioning helmet (batteries not included). It also comes with a TX-28 Micro fusion pack, because well, how else are you going to power the damn thing, right? 😆 I think the coolest part about these figures is you can mix and match the pieces as you like, or even leave the exoskeleton exposed if you like. $149 and available for pre-order now through Bethesda Gear or directly from ThreeZero. ETA Q3, 2021.

VBotM #76: St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt by Bethesda Gear

Do you have your green shirt ready for St. Patrick's Day this year? If not, Bethesda Gear has you covered with 'Vault Boy of the Month'! Vault Boy 'Luck Increased' graphic on the front, and black Fallout text logo on the back right under the neckline Available in Men's/Unisex S-3XL and Women's S-2XL sizes on kelly heather green, Cotton/Polyester blend crew neck t-shirts. Pre-order period ends on February 9th, so don't wait if you plan on picking this one up! $25 and available for pre-order now on Bethesda Gear. ETA March 2021.

Okay, now I'm going to pull some newer listings from the Bethesda Store Europe so this merch round up post isn't too short, haha. They do get some cool stuff we don't get stateside, so if you are interested in picking anything up I suggest doing a big order or see if you can split shipment costs with someone else!

Fallout 4 'Perk' & 'Garage' Puzzles from Bethesda Store Europe

Here's something for the serious puzzle fanatics!! 😱 Here's two iconic artworks from Fallout 4, if I'm reading this correctly the finished puzzle measures 43cm x 68.3cm (19.93" x 26.89"), and also comes with a drawstring cotton bag so you can store the puzzle. I'm unsure who the manufacturer is, but it is an officially licensed product and available for $21.54USD per puzzle box from Bethesda Store Europe. Click here for the 'Perk Poster' puzzle and here for the 'Garage' puzzle. I'd LOVE to get some more info on this to see how big the box is and confirm the size of the finished puzzle, so I just might have to pick one up. 🙈 But do I get the Perks or Garage? Help me pick!!

'Change Dark Grey T-Shirt by Gaya Entertainment

OMG who remembers when theses style shirts used to be EVERYWHERE? 😅 Well, if you're looking for a Vault Boy style one, here ya go! Silk screened print on the front on a 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt in sizes S-XXL. $21 and available for purchase on Bethesda Store Europe.


Available for Pre-Order (listed by ETA)


It feels kinda weird doing such a short roundup posts, but I guess we'll see how long that lasts 😅 I might as well enjoy it while I can, huh? 🤣

Thanks for reading, if you found this helpful and informative please 'heart' the post, leave a comment, and share it with your friends!! Did you buy anything? I'd love to see, please tag me in your haul posts 👀🛍 If you have a question about any merch items not covered in this post, leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Don't forget to follow me on my socials for the latest updates, all the click-y links are at the top of the page. See y'all in my next blog post, take care and stay safe out there in the wasteland! ❤

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